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Mattress for Herniated discs in back and neck, with broad shoulders.

Luke writes:
Hi Pete,
I’ve got 6 of mildly herniated discs in my back and a more seriously herniated one in my neck.
I also have broad shoulders and weight about 190 lbs. 5’10”. 
I’ve been told I should sleep on my side – which is fine. 
But, I find that my shoulders roll forward even with good pillow support for my head and that this become very uncomfortable. 
I seems that my shoulders are simply too broad to not create a pressure point against the mattress compared to my hips.
QUESTION: if my bed is too soft, I can’t sleep and feel “trapped” in it. 
So what is the best option that provides good firm support but can help relieve this type of pressure point? 
I don’t have any allegiance to a brand right now. If you can’t sleep, what’s the point?
My partner is 5’0″, 95 lbs. 
She’s happy to try anything that will keep me from tossing and turning all night.
Please help! Thanks, Luke
Hi Luke,
We will have to address your back with the right mattress, and your neck with the right pillow.
That feeling of being “trapped” is the result of memory foam, which is very hard to avoid with all of today’s name brand mattresses.
But, avoid it you must…and we will.
Chemical laden memory foam is the lowest quality upholstery material ever invented.
We will substitute Natural Latex or that…with latex being the highest quality upholstery material.
THIS has been true for the last 100 years.
First, the mattress…individually pocketed coils to maintain the natural alignment of your spine.
THIS is key to relieving disc related back pain.
You can read more about that, here:
The absolute worst material for a bad back and the pain associated with it, is Memory Foam. Memory foam is a highly deceptive product…felling one way on the …
Natura of Canada Greenspring is the line of mattresses.
They sport a very high coil count, with coils made of double tempered steel.
These individually pocketed coils have the side benefit of not feeling each other move.
The upholstery is Natural Talalay Latex. And, these mattresses contain NO Memory Foam.
The latex cushions you, but does not allow you to sink.
No feeling “trapped” and no sleeping hot.
Due to all this, you will toss and turn a whole lot less.
Here is a link to that line of mattresses:
Natura Greenspring Liberty Eurotop Latex Hybrid Mattress
Greenspring Liberty Plush Euro Top. Experience deeper, more restorative sleep with the Liberty Plush Euro Mattress. Lush helpings of natural ingredients come together …
The pillow is also made of 100% Natural Talalay Latex….finely chopped Latex.
This allows you to manipulate the material to mold around your head and neck.
In doing so, you will be able to maintain the alignment of your neck with your spine.

Made by Pure Talalay Bliss, it’s their Latex/Down model.

Here is a link to that pillow:
Natural Talalay LatexDown Pillows … 100% Finely chopped latex, providing the comfort and conformity of a down pillow, with the durability of latex.


The mattress comes with White Glove Delivery.
The Pillow ships via UPS.
For both, Delivery is Free and there’s NO Sales Tax.
I suggest using a waterproof mattress protector with every mattress.
Keeping your mattress clean and dry will greatly extend the life and loft of the upholstery materials inside. Ours sleep cool and make NO Noise.
Shown here:
Thanks, Pete

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