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Natura of Canada Greenspring Mattresses are High Quality to Relieve Sciatica Pain.

Neal writes:
Hi Pete,
I’ve been doing a lot of research, and now going through paralysis by analysis. 
Looking for King bed for me (210 lbs) and wife (130 lbs). 
Our current bed has a pillowtop and was good for the first year, but now has growing valleys.
Ever since they’ve developed, it has lead to leg/back pain, (sciatica) 
Generally, we like softer/plush types.
The best bed we have in house is an old Sealy Dorset Plush in guestroom. 
Don’t mind buying online but really want to test bed out first…Thoughts? 
Thanks, Neal
Hi Neal,
Trying before you buy was fine when you bought that Dorset model.
It was a time when you couldn’t buy a bad mattress.
It was the time before memory foam.
Today, it’s nearly impossible to buy a good bed…since most are upholstered with memory foam.
Trying that last mattress before buying, didn’t do you any good.
Finding mattresses with high quality components is not easy to find in stores.
Most manufacturers and retailers are happy selling mattresses that need to be replaced frequently.
Memory foam has created a boon for the industry and a nightmare for the consumer.
I can direct you to a quality mattress, but you won’t be able to try it first.
Since you can only achieve your current results with what you can buy in stores, it’s not much of a leap of faith.
Here’s the brand of mattress we use at home…the best we’ve ever tested.
It the Natura of Canada Greenspring mattress….with the Plush EuroTop being the most comfortable of their 5 models.
shown here:
Greenspring Liberty Plush Euro Top. Experience deeper, more restorative sleep with the Liberty Plush Euro Mattress. Lush helpings of natural ingredients come together …
These mattresses feature:
1) An individually pocketed coil unit…with coils moving independently from one another.
This type of coil system contours to the shape of your body and maintains the natural alignment of your spine…which will relieve that sciatica pain you are currently having.
2) The coil count is very high…higher than most.
3) The coils are made of double tempered steel, for greater durability.
4) Most importantly, the upholstery is high quality Natural Talalay Latex.
Latex is and has been the best upholstery material for the last 100 years.
AND…there’s NO Memory Foam in these mattresses.
White Glove Delivery if Free and there’s NO Sales Tax.
I suggest using a waterproof mattress protector with every mattress.
Keeping your mattress clean and dry will greatly extend the life and loft of the upholstery materials inside. Ours sleep cool and make NO Noise.
Shown here:
Thanks, Pete

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