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All Natural, All Latex Mattress.

Susan writes:
Hi Pete,
I have been mattress shopping all week. All my research tells me to go with an ALL LATEX MATTRESS!!
What I am upset about, is that I’ve called about 10 places where I live and no one sells latex. 
Every sales person I have spoke to has no clue what there taking about. They can not answer this simplest question, Why don’t you sell it. 
I have gotten told I don’t know. Its not a good mattress, etc… I hope you can help me clear this confusion. 
I am shopping for a king. 
Is memory foam comparable to  latex?

Thanks, Susan

Your research has served you well. An all natural, all latex mattress is and has been the best type of mattress for the last 100 years.

Chemical laden memory foam has proven itself to be the worst upholstery material over it’s 20 year history.

To say that they are similar is as big a falsehood as you can get….since they are polar opposites in every way possible.

The industry and most retail stores are pushing memory foam because it causes the mattress to need frequent replacing.

The result is that the industry and these retailers are experiencing a boon…selling more mattresses than ever before.

The average consumer doesn’t realize that it’s the memory foam causing all the problems, since the ads and sales pitches lead you to believe that memory foam is the best thing since sliced bread. What is a dream material for the industry and their retailers, is nothing but a nightmare to the consumer.

The feel of latex is unique…providing comfort that cushions you, but with resiliency that doesn’t allow you to sink through it.

The feel is more like you’re floating. Zero Gravity, is also an accurate description.

People who buy an all natural, all latex mattress, end up being fiercely loyal to that product….providing many years of supportive and comfortable sleep.

We carry a number of brands, and here are links to all of them.


Pure Talalay Bliss Natural Talalay Latex Mattresses provide excellent long lasting support comfort.


Natural Talalay, All Latex Mattresses. Natura uses only the highest quality materials available for their Latex Mattresses….(No Chemicals and No Fillers)…with pricing that is more competitive than many other brands of similar quality.



EverEden Latex Mattress


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Thanks, Pete

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