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EverEden Pure All Natural Latex Mattress to Hold Very Large People.

Lynn writes:
Hello Peter,
I keep coming back to your website after scouring the internet preparing to purchase a mattress for the first time in over 10 years.  
My husband and I are very large people, having a combined weight of around 580 pounds.
I am focused on the latex products based upon your reviews that I read on your blog. 
Before I go tracking all over the city visiting stores,  what would you recommend?  
My budget is around $2000 for a king size mattress. We have a platform bed, so we don’t need a boxspring.
Thank you, Lynn
Hi Lynn,
Your focus on a latex mattress is the good…and the best you can do, especially at your weights.
Latex is the most durable material on the planet…that would be “All Natural” Latex.
There is a variety of types, of latex…synthetic, blended, and the low quality latex imported from China.
Our EverEden Latex mattresses are 100% Pure, All Natural Latex…AND, within your price range.
Our daughter and her husband have one, and they have you two beat by almost 200 lbs.
We also have one in our guestroom. (They aren’t the only big people among our friends and family).
Here is a link to that line of latex mattresses:
EverEden Latex Mattresses

EverEden Latex Mattress

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Thanks, Pete

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