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High Quality and Most Comfortable Mattress for a 270 Lb. Man, Delivered to Canada.

Katie writes:
Hello Peter,
I was very pleased to come across your blog and website. I found it to have a lot of great information and my interest in latex has been peaked. 
My husband and I would like to invest in the purchase of a new king bed for our new home. 
This will be our first king bed and we really want it to be of high quality the most comfortable! 
What I am wondering is what type of bed we should purchase? 
I wasn’t clear on whether we can purchase the mattresses directly from your store (as we live in Montreal,Quebec, Canada).
I have been looking at Simmons BeautyRest mattresses locally, but I find it so overwhelming to figure out which one is best for us. 
My husband is very muscular and weighs 270 pounds. I just gave birth to our first child, so currently weigh 170, but I am typical around 150 pounds. 
Both my husband and I sleep on our side to start, but usually roll onto our stomachs.
It seems from what I have read on your site, a firm mattress is recommended with a latex topper.
I am just confused of what type of firm mattress I should be looking at.
If your shipping of mattresses and toppers are possible to our home, we would be interested in knowing what products your store could offer us.
Thank you, Katie 
Hi Katie,
If you were to research consumer reviews for Simmons Beautyrests, you’ll find that they are horrible.
Between the non-tempered, (raw steel), coils and the memory foam upholstery, they don’t hold up well under average size people.
Under a 270 lb. man, you’d be lucky to get a year out of it.
The latex toppers help to extend that life span, but why bother when there is something much better.
We carry a brand of mattresses that are made in Quebec…Natura of Canada.
Their Greenspring line is similarly made to the Simmons Beautyrest.
However, the quality is much greater…using a double tempered steel coil…and, with a higher coil count.

Just as important, the upholstery is natural latex and containing NO Memory Foam.

My wife and I are large people, about 225 lbs. each.

This is the kind of mattress we use at home. And, after about 3 years, it’s still in like new condition.

The Ultra Plush model is the most comfortable, although, the Plush model is the one I recommend for the two of you…due to your husband’s size.

That line of mattresses, shown here:


All Mattresses are Freshly Made to Fill Your Order. Approx. Delivery Wait Time: 3 to 4 weeks. White Glove Delivery Includes: Set-Up in your Bedroom,

White Glove Delivery, which includes set-up of the new and removal of the old mattress, is free throughout The US and Canada.

And, there’s NO Sales Tax.

Thanks, Pete

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