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Simmons Beautyrest Desiree Luxury Firm Pillowtop Mattress Is Not Comfortable.

Shirley writes:

Hello Pete, 
We have just purchased a new mattress and are trying to decide if it is the one for us before our trial time is up.  
In 2002 we bought a Stearns & Foster Chesterbury and we have loved it.  But recently, I have been having a lot of pain in my hip & leg while sleeping.  
I am a side sleeper and so is my husband.  I have gained some weight and I now weigh about 200 lbs, and my husband weighs about 180. 
The person at the mattress store, where we purchase our mattress, said we needed a firmer mattress. 
He had a computer type thing that we answered questions and we laid on the bed and it popped out a print out and told us what bed we needed.  
He showed us several which was supposed to be in our comfort level and we finally decided on one.  
We got the Simmons Beautyrest Black “Desiree” in luxury firm.  It has a pillow top and is a tall mattress.  
Anyway, it felt good at store, soft, but not as good as some of the plush beds I tried, which the sales person said was not for me.
But, after getting it home, I think it feels soft when I first lay down, but then it gets hard.  
And I still have the pain in my hip and leg and I am tossing and turning all night, and wake up sore.  
They say I need to give it 30 days and it will soften, but I’m not sure. 
Plus I have been reading the bad reviews on Simmons mattresses, the poor customer service, and everyone is having problems with the beds sagging after just a few months.
I don’t want to go through this. I just want a good mattress that doesn’t cause me pain while I sleep.  I feel I need a softer mattress.  
I want a bed that when I come home and lay in it I love it, and that’s the the way it was with my old S&F Chesterbury.  
And it still feels that way when I lay on it, but during the night and in the morning I wake up sore, just think it’s too old.  
Can you tell me if there is a S&F comparable to that one?
Thanks for your help.  Sorry this is so long.
Sincerely, Shirley
Hello Shirley,
A pillowtop model is a poor choice for heavy people. The foams in the pillowtop will compress quickly, losing much of its initial comfort within months.
The Desiree Tight Top would have been a better choice…and adding an EverEden 2″ Soft Talalay Latex Topper for surface comfort.
In fact, that latex mattress topper is likely to have been all you needed, added to your Chesterbury.
The quality of your old mattress was very high. The padding may have compressed, but the coil unit is still providing adequate support.
All it needed was the latex topper to restore the surface comfort.
Simmons’ poor reviews stem from all the “plush” and ” pillowtop” Beautyrests that are sold.
The plush and pillowtop models are so consistently a problem, we don’t even list them on our website.
Here’s a link to the latex foam toppers.


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Thanks, Pete

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