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A Luxury Plush Mattress That’s Worth the Money?

Christine writes:
Hi, Pete!
Shopping for a mattress is a conundrum! I looked at the Simmons Beautyrest Black – Katrina, Desiree and Christobel. 
Christobel was a DREAM, but expensive. I do love the luxe, softness. 
I was told about the triple coil, which you seem to like. Is this line of beds worth the money? 
Do they ever go on sale? Is there an equivalent Stearns and Foster (I See they have more coils in their beds). Does that matter? 
Do you have any recommendations for luxe, soft mattresses that I might not know about? Any insight would be appreciative. 
I am about 145 lbs and my husband is about 195 pounds– thoughts? 
Thank you, Christine


Hi Christine,

All of the name brands have been sold to investors who use memory foam to recoup that investment and turn a profit.

With all of the name brands, who used to make a quality mattress, it’s now all about profit and not, at all, about quality.

All are upholstered with memory foam, which is specifically designed to cause a mattress to need frequent replacing.

If you buy a name brand mattress, you will need to start with a firm model and add a soft latex topper to it.

The latex will insulate you from the memory foam and the mattress will last a whole lot longer.

At your sizes, the Black Beautyrest is far more mattress than you need….a complete waste of money.

The mattress I recommend for you is the Simmons Beautyrest Silver Series in Luxury Firm.

From us, it’s called “Great Lakes Cove”. The model name will be different at every store.

Shown here:


Simmons Beautyrest Silver Great Lakes Cove

FREE Shipping on all Simmons Beauryrest Recharge Classic Mattresses From The Mattress Expert. These Mattresses are built with support and comfort in mind!

Add to that, an EverEden Pure, All Natural 2″ Soft Talalay Latex Topper.

That topper will cause the mattress to last a whole lot longer than it would normally.

It will insulate you from the memory foam.

It will provide that luxury surface feel you want, without forming body impressions.

Those latex toppers…shown here:


EverEden all Natural Latex Mattress topper

Soften the surface of a too firm mattress. Insulate yourself from the memory foam in your mattress to Sleep Cool. Extend the comfort life of your mattress.

The mattress comes with white glove delivery, which includes removal of your old mattress.The latex topper arrives via UPS.

Delivery is free and there’s no sales tax.

Thanks, Pete

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