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An All Natural EverEden Soft Latex Topper for a Too Firm Sealy Mattress.

Eric writes:
Hello Peter,
I came across your blog and website, quite by accident. They are very informative. Thank you.
I recently purchased a new more firm bed after using a pillow top bed for a few years and realizing that it is doing more harm than good. 
The pillow top mattress was comfortable for a little while, but offered zero support, especially when me and my girlfriend slept in the bed with me. 
It had major sagging issues. I went to a local store and bought a new Sealy mattress and have slept on the last two nights. 
I woke this morning with my lower back feeling great which has bothered me in the past due to the pillow top mattress not offering support. 
My issue now is that my hip hurts after sleeping on my side with the new mattress. 
I suspect that the mattress is to firm and is pushing on the hip bone. I am only two nights into the 120 day trial period. 
I would hate to take this one back for a different one, only to realize that the new one doesn’t work either. 
The store only offers a 1 time exchange for beds so I would stuck with the second bed if it worked for me or not. 
Should I buy one of your EverEden latex mattress toppers for the bed that I recently purchased? 
Buying new beds is, by far, one of the worst experiences I have ever had. 
Any suggestions for me would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks, Eric
Hi Eric,
Latex is and has been the highest quality upholstery material available for the last 100 years..
It does two things extremely well…provides comfort that lasts for many years…unlike the poly and memory foams in your pillowtop.
And because it is so resilient, it absorbs much of your body weight…doubling the life of the mattress you use under it.
It’s especially important to add the latex topper when the mattress is new and in good shape.
This way, the mattress will stay in good shape much longer than the manufacturer intended.
You’ll find that the EverEden Pure, All Natural 2″ Soft Vytex Dunlop or Talalay Latex Toppers will do the best job.
You won’t sink through it, just into it a little. It holds you up…providing a feeling like you’re floating.
It will relieve your pressure points and relax your muscles. Your hip will love it.
Here is a link to those latex toppers:
EverEden all Natural Latex Mattress topper
Soften the surface of a too firm mattress. Insulate yourself from the memory foam in your mattress to Sleep Cool. Extend the comfort life of your mattress.

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Thanks, Pete

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