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Frustrated and Confused as to What Mattress to Buy.

Ari writes:
Hi Pete,
I am completely frustrated and confused by the mattress industry and have no idea what to buy.
We slept for more than 15 years on a firm Sealy Posturepedic mattress that my in-laws bought us for a wedding present. We loved it! 
The only reason we got a new one, a few years ago, was because the first one was a full size and we wanted a queen size. 
We bought another Sealy Posturepedic, hoping for the same comfort and longevity. Ha! What a mistake!
The mattress was really comfortable, at first, and for about 2 years, but then developed valley-like indentations. 
Since it was still under warranty, we were able to replace it this past April. 
I made a huge mistake and got a plush instead of the firm. 
In the 5 months since, our new one has gotten lumps and valleys, worse that the previous one!! 
I can’t sleep through the night and have neck, shoulder and back pain that I never had before.
So, I initiated another warranty claim. This time, someone came to the house to measure the mattress.
I’m told that the mattress falls within normal parameters and is not eligible for an exchange.
Presently, I have no idea what to buy, as I am paralyzed with fear of making the same mistake. 
Does Sealy even make a good mattress anymore?  
Any advice you can give is much appreciated!
Thank you, Ari

Hi Ari,

No. Sealy no longer makes a good mattress.

We dropped that line when Tempurpedic bought them.

Every Sealy mattress is loaded with memory foam…which was not in your original Sealy Posturepedic.

Understand that memory foam is the problem.

All of the name brands have been sold and the investors use memory foam to recoup their investment and turn a profit.

If you stay away from mattresses made with memory foam, you have little reason to fear.

The problem you now face, is in finding mattresses without memory foam. It’s all you’ll find in most stores.

Here’s a link to the mattress my wife and I have at home.

Natura of Canada Greenspring is an excellent quality mattress…good strong coil system and latex upholstery…AND, NO Memory Foam.

We have the Ultra Plush, which is the most comfortable of their four models. We love it.

Here’s the link:


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Thanks, Pete

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