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Herniated Disc, Large Man, Firm Mattress and Latex Topper.

Dan writes:
Hello Pete, 
Great blog and website.
I have read most of the disc problems you talk about, including herniated discs..
I am 46, weigh around 265, and have three abnormal discs, with the worst being a torn and protruding L5-S1. 
This is ongoing, and intensely painful when it flares. Mornings are agonizing at those times, and I’m feeling like our bed isn’t helping.
We bought two Sealy Twin XL power bases with remotes, and two Twin XL Optimum Inspiration foam mattresses. 
Now, I wake up dreading the day and having to roll out of that thing. I suspect it was a really expensive mistake. 
I find it really difficult to turn over in, which I do many times at night. I feel like maybe that is exacerbating my issues.
What are your thoughts? I could replace just my mattress, I guess, and keep the power bases. 
Thanks, Dan
Hi Dan,
First things first. Flip your mattress over tonight.
Let me know the difference in how you feel tomorrow.
And, sleep with it flat.
Thanks, Pete
Hey Pete,
Okay, so that was really better for me. 
I took the time yesterday to take the cover off also so I was sleeping on the good side and not the zipper. 
It felt pretty hard, but it was much easier for me to move around and my back feels much better than it has. 
So, now what?
Good Morning Dan,
I had you do that experiment to determine if you really needed a new mattress.
What we all need, to sleep well, is reasonably firm support and a comfortable sleeping surface.
Few of today’s mattresses provide these things for very long…especially the comfort layers, since most is worthless memory and cheap poly foams.
To get around all this lack of quality, we recommend a reasonably firm, more basic mattress and adding a long lasting latex topper for surface comfort.
So, if your mattress, now flipped to the underside, is providing adequate support, then all you need is a 2″ layer of soft latex to provide the comfort.
These latex layers last for many years. So, when the time comes to buy a new mattress, you’ll be able to use the latex topper you buy now.
For your size, I would suggest the EverEden Pure, All Natural, 2″ Soft Dunlop Latex Topper. 
Shown on this link.
EverEden all Natural Latex Mattress topper
Soften the surface of a too firm mattress. Insulate yourself from the memory foam in your mattress to Sleep Cool. Extend the comfort life of your mattress.

Delivery is free and there’s no sales tax.


Thanks, Pete

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