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Tempurpedic and Select Comfort Mattresses.

Tom writes:
Hi Pete,
I am very interested in buying a new mattress.
However, at the various retail stores that I have visited, every selection in there is, “the best”, according to all of the salespeople.
That can not, possibly, be true. And, laying on one for a few minutes doesn’t tell you much. They almost all feel good for such a short time. 
The two mattresses I have focused on are: Tempurpedic & Select Comfort.
What can you tell me about these? Is it truly the “state of the art” in construction? Has it been out long enough to tell about its comfort? 
Who sells them in the USA? Like who is a distributor so I can see it?
Sincerely, Tom


Hi Tom,

You are headed for disaster.

The two that you are considering are the most advertised…which, I’m guessing, is why you’re interested in them.

They are two of thee worst in all the world.

Memory foam is thee worst upholstery material ever invented. And an air mattress does not provide adequate spinal support.

If you continue to follow the hype, you will have wasted a great deal of money.

If you have back problems, both of these mattresses will make it worse.

If you don’t have back problems, these mattresses will help you develop them.

You must have found me through one of my blogs…which you, obviously, did not take the time to read.

I suggest you go back to the blog and educate yourself, before you make such a horrible mistake.

Here a link to one of them.


The Mattress Expert sells the most affordable 100% All Natural Latex Mattresses, customizable to your needs. We also, happily, give free mattress buying advice, whether you are purchasing a new mattress or need help with an existing mattress.


Thanks, Pete

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