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Mattress Firm Has Declared Bankruptcy.

Jules writes:warranty

Hi Pete,
I just bought a mattress from Mattress Firm.
Now, I see that they’ve declared bankruptcy.
What’s going on?
Will my warranty still be in effect?
Thanks, Jules

Hi Jules,
It was only a matter of time. They expanded way to quickly…buying up smaller retail mattress chains, one after another.
The internet hasn’t help them any…with so many mattresses available on line.
I’d like to think we helped facilitate that, but we’re a small mom & pop retailer….and probably not significant enough to have bee a factor in all of this.

Anyway, the warranty on your mattress, is provided by the manufacturer.
Should you need service in the future, you will need to have your receipt.
Also, the white law label that’s sewn into a seam at the head of the mattress needs to be in tact, (either left where it is, or retained with your receipt).
Also, the mattress needs to be clean and dry…and free from any kind of stains.
You can always initiate a warranty claim directly with the manufacturer.

Bankruptcy doesn’t, necessarily, mean they are going out of business.
The will likely close several hundred of their stories and reorganize.

It’s Simmons I feel sorry for. I hear they owe them some $65 Million Dollars.
I wonder how much of that they’ll get. I wonder if Simmons will continue to still sell to them.

So, Jules, you’ll be fine. Just be happy you aren’t heading the Simmons company.

Thanks, Pete

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