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Body Impressions with a Serta Pillowtop Mattress in Less Than a Year.

Jimmy writes:
Hi Pete,
I bought a Serta pillowtop mattress from Ashley Furniture, two years ago. I bought a floor model on sale. 
In less than a year it started developing body impressions on each sides. 
I am a big guy, but my wife is petite, and both sides have these sinkholes. 
Serta refused to honor the warranty because I bought a floor model.  
I was told, at the time of purchase, it was fully covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. 
Ashley said that the salesman, who no longer works for them, should not have told me that. 
So I am stuck. Is there any recourse? Or is there a fix. 
The hump in the middle is getting to be a mountain.
Thanks, Jimmy


Hi Jimmy,

The lesson to be learned from this, is that salespeople will say anything to make the sale….including telling a bald faced lie.

While you have no recourse with Serta, as the warranty clearly states that floor samples are not covered under the terms of their warranty,

I wouldn’t take that from Ashley Furniture.

It’s time to turn up the heat under Ashley’s manager’s butt.

Your next contact should be with the following:

The Better Business Bureau

Your state’s Department of Consumer Affairs.

Your state’s Attorney General’s Office.

That mattress failed because it is a lousy product. Serta has always made a 3rd rate mattress…over my 40+ years in this business.

There is NO Pillowtop and, no name brand mattress made today, that will wear well under a big man.

After getting everyone involved, you are likely to prevail against Ashley.

I’d press for a refund. But, if you only get a store credit, contact me again before making another choice.

Good luck.


Thanks, Pete

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