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Exact Replacement for a Sealy Posturepedic Princess Mattress.

Nicolas writes:

Hi Pete,

What would be a comparable mattress to a sealy posturepedic princess firm in the price range of $1000-1200.00 in today’s market?

I cannot find an exact replacement.

Thank-you, Nicholas

Hi Nicholas,
I can save you some time.
An exact replacement doesn’t exist.
Thanks, Pete
Good morning Pete,
I just read your note about my mattress inquiry about my sealy posturpedic princess firm not being available any more.
My question is there anything comparable available?
Thanks, Nicholas
Hi Nicholas,

Not really. Certainly not from Sealy, now that they’ve been sold to Tempurpedic.
The closest thing that we carry, is an old fashioned two sided mattress from Wolf.
Wolf is the oldest mattress manufacturer in the country that has been continually owned and operated by the same family…since 1873.
They have a model that is firm on one side and plush on the other…their Duo Comfort model.
Shown here:
Introducing the Duo-Comfort mattress, providing your customer with comfort options in one single mattress. The Duo-Comfort is a 11″ double-sided mattress that has a firm side and a plush side.
This mattress has no memory foam in it.
Nether does your old Sealy Posturepedic Princess model.
It’s memory foam you need to avoid.
To hear it being sold, you’d think it was the best thing since sliced bread.
Memory foam is, in fact, the worst upholstery material ever invented.
Besides being a lousy product, in terms of performance, it’s also a health hazard…off gassing the toxic chemicals from which it’s made.
Thanks, Pete

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