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Back Pain on a Tempurpedic Mattress from Ashley Furniture.

Tara writes:
Hi Pete,
My husband and I desperately need some help in regards to choosing a new mattress. 
When we got married, 3 years ago, we slept on a cheap $300 dollar spring mattress with no problems other than me sinking towards my husband. 
I never remember waking up in pain. 
We needed a King, so we purchased a Simmons Beautyrest Willow Wick Plush Firm hybrid mattress from Ashley Furniture. 
The top of the bed was memory foam, with the individually pocketed coils underneath. 
I was fine on this bed until 1 year into it, and it started to sink. 
After two years it was completely sunken in, causing awful back pain. Just recently I had it replaced under the terms of the warranty. 
The warranty only allows us to repurchase a bed through Ashley Furniture again. 
I let them talk us into a Tempurpedic Adapt Medium Hybrid bed. They promised we would love it and it would solve all our problems. 
It’s been two months, and the awful back pain is back and worse than ever. 
I wake up in the morning feeling sunk down into the bed, constantly readjusting myself to find support and getting out of that “hole”. 
These beds were promised not to do this. I am at the point where I think memory foam may not be for me. 
We can return this bed, but have to choose another from Ashley Furniture. 
I am convinced this time to go with a Serta, as my parents swear by them. 
Are there any you can recommend that will help me with this every night back pain along my spine?
Thank you so much, Tara
I’m sorry, Tara.
Ashley Furniture has nothing worth buying.
Memory foam is the worst upholstery material ever invented.
And, every Serta mattress is upholstered with it.
I suggest you flip that Tempurpedic mattress over.
The memory foam is only on top.
The material that supports it, is firmer and not temperature sensitive.
It’s likely to be too firm to be comfortable, but your back should stop hurting.
You can add a PureBliss, Natural Soft Talalay Latex Topper to make it comfortable….shown here:
Thanks, Pete
Hi Peter,
Thanks for your feedback. 
Unfortunately I am not willing to lose the thousands of dollars invested into the tempur pedic so I must choose another bed. 
I guess this time I will go with something just made of springs, no memory foam. 
Waking up with back pain every morning is certainly no fun. 
Then maybe I can purchase the latex topper.
And yes, I will never be buying from Ashley Furniture again.
Thanks again, Tara
Hi Tara,
I’ve gotten lots of Tempurpedic customers, over the years, who have been as unhappy as you are.
Flipping that mattress and adding a latex topper has worked well for all of them.
Flipping that mattress costs you nothing. Do that today and see how your back feels in the morning.
If that pain is gone, the latex topper will add the comfort it lacks.
Thanks, Pete

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