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Mattress Warranty Claim and Inspection.

Ryan writes:
Hi Pete,
I have gone through 3 mattresses, that dip in the middle, in the last year. 
I am 5’11 side/stomach sleeper. I often sit on my bed and watch tv. I do not mind firm or soft. 
My gf has a really firm one that I enjoy a lot. I have a soft one I liked when I first got it. 
I need a bed and leaning towards very firm that won’t cost me an arm, leg and back…Queen size.  Recommendations? 
Also, the store I got mine from is sending a tech out to look at the bed. Any suggestions on how to handle him? haha
Thanks, Ryan
Hi Ryan,
First things first. You have to get through an inspection.
The criteria for an exchange is a sustained impression of 1.5″.
Lay a straight edge across the high points and measure down to the lowest point, but not into the stitching.
If you do not have the needed depth, place a bowling ball there on the morning of the inspection and be sure to remove it before the inspector sees it.
(You can use a large mixing bowl, filled with heavy can goods.)
Once you have authorization to exchange, I can help you select a mattress from what that store has to offer.
If that fails, and you’re buying new, your options won’t be as limited.
Thanks, Pete

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