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Simmons Beautyrest Great Lakes Cove Luxury Firm Mattress for My 2 Year Old Child.

Sheryl writes:
Hello Pete,
I’ve been reading and researching for days now trying to find a decent mattress for my 2 year old child. 
We are buying a double (full) size mattress. I appreciate your honesty and knowledge in your answers to people’s questions.  
I’m pretty sure I’ve decided on the Beautyrest by Simmons, the Great Lakes Cove model in Luxury Firm. 
Where we live, we don’t have a lot of shopping options…Sears, Mattress Firm, and a couple of local furniture stores.  
I’m not able to find this model in stores. Can you tell me what I should ask for when I go into stores? 
Please advise! 
Thanks so much, Sheryl


Hi Sheryl,

Mattress manufacturers make the same mattresses using different model names for each store.

The mattresses are the same. Only the model name is changed.

So, when you’re shopping at stores, you’ll ask for the Simmons Beautyrest Level 1 Silver Series in Luxury Firm.

Regardless of the model named, it will be exactly the same as the Great Lakes Cove Luxury Firm.

Shown here:


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Thanks, Pete

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