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Natura of Canada Greenspring Firm Mattress and a Latex Topper to Relieve Severe Scoliosis.

Marshall writes:
Pete – let me first say I could not be more impressed with your obviously well-informed answers to people’s questions.  
I submitted the following on your form a few hours ago, and have not received a reply.  
Of course it’s fine if I don’t hear back until you have whatever time you need:
I have purchased my 2nd Tempurpedic mattress, this time last March. 
Last week my Thoracic Scoliosis was determined to be over 80 degrees. 2 years ago it was 47 degrees, only 2 degrees more than 10 years before that. 
I began requiring using a cane, full time, this past summer and am in continually worsening pain, due to this mattress.  
I already had extreme sleep apnea requiring a 17 pressure on my c-pap. 
I flipped my Tempurpedic mattress last night, slept ok and awoke with a little less pain and a little more improved walking ability. 
I gather from other QA that I should have a firm innerspring mattress with a natural latex topper to provide comfort. 
I am alarmed that my mattress could cause such a dramatic and miserable change in my physical condition.
Your opinion on this would be appreciated and respected, as well as your specific recommendation of your products for me.  
I would guess a maximum comfort topper would be best, and a pillow relating to the topper/mattress. 
Can you help?  Everything I have read on your sight is astoundingly informative and makes so much sense.
Thanks, Marshall
Howdy Marshall, (Sorry, I couldn’t resist).
While latex is far superior to memory foam, an all foam mattress…even all latex, is a mistake for someone with your condition.
A firm innerspring is called for here. Using a latex topper with it will reduce pressure points and relax muscles, for a deeper night’s sleep.
Two inches of Soft Natural Talalay Latex will do the job. Three inches will be too much depth of softness.
Best option for the mattress is The Natura of Canada Greenspring in Firm, which will provide the firm support you need.
Here are links to that mattress and to the latex toppers.

Pure Talalay Bliss Latex Topper

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Thanks, Pete

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