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Replacing a 30 Year Old Mattress Causing Back Pain.

Tina writes:

Hi Pete,

I cannot afford a really, really expensive bed, but I do need one that will be good for my back pain.
I have chronic lower back pain, am sleeping on 30-year-old mattress.  
Recently, I put some comforters and down sleeping bag on top—-temporarily.
I also have old memory foam contoured pillow for my neck. It still works well, I have no neck pain with it.  It’s hard, not soft.   
But I think it’s time for a change too!
I am petite, 115 lbs.
What do you recommend?
Also:   Will the delivery people adjust my bed frame from a Queen size, which it is set for now, to a FULL ?    
It’s a brand new bed frame, with vertical rod.  It is adjustable.
I have Queen bed now, but my bedroom is really small, and want to get a Full bed.
Thanks, Tina


Hi Tina,

Being one of light body weight, you have the luxury of getting a decent quality mattress at a reasonable price.

I cannot put in an order, directing the drivers to adjust your bed frame. But, I’ve never heard of a delivery person turning down a $20 tip for doing so.

The time to replace a pillow is when your neck starts hurting….as opposed to your thinking it’s time. Let your body tell you when it’s time.

I prefer a finely chopped latex pillow to relieve chronic neck pain….over memory foam.

Like the one shown here:


Best option for mattress, is the Simmons Beauty Sleep Boddington in Luxury FirmShown here:


Use your current comforter with it, for extra surface comfort.
White Glove Delivery includes removal of the old set.Delivery and removal is free, and, there’s no sales tax.

Thanks, Pete

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