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Extremely Firm Mattress to go with Our 3″ Natural Latex Topper.

Joey writes:
Hi Pete,

I have been following your website and Q&As religiously and can’t thank you enough for your advice.  
I am one of many victims of the memory foam mattress movement 
But, I followed your advice from a previous post. 
I flipped the memory foam mattress (to have the more dense side on top) and purchased your 3″ 100% natural latex topper.  
This worked for about 3 years until the underlying memory foam mattress started to sag underneath and my and my wife’s back problems returned.  
We moved the 3″ latex topper to the floor and this, quite surprisingly, was pretty good!  
I guess the floor gives amazing support!  But this can’t be a long-term solution.  
What extremely firm mattress would you suggest we put underneath our 3″ latex topper going forward?  
We have a California King and both my wife and I are on the heavy side (200-230 lbs)
Thanks in advance!
Hi Joey,

Here the link to the Natura of Canada Greenspring line of Mattresses.
Because the quality of the components is so high, they are all firmer than their description makes them sound.
The “Firm” model, for instance, is down right hard.
The Firm is the first model in that line.

White Glove Delivery is free and includes removal of your old mattress.

And, there’s no sales tax.
Thanks, Pete

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