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A King Simmons Beautyrest Mattress to Replace a 15 Year Old Queen.

Chad writes:
Hi Pete,
I found your site to be very informative.

We are looking for a new bed and moving from a 15 year old Queen sized Simmons Beautyrest Majesty Sensations Pillow Top, which is still comfortable.
We now are looking at switching to a King size mattress.  I am 6’1 185 lbs and my wife is 5’2 175 lbs.
I have a few questions.
Our old house stairway accommodates about a queen size mattress squished through and a king will need to be bent over some to fit into the stairwell.  
We had to use a split queen box to get it up the stairs. So, the king mattress will need to be a little flexible to make the ascent.
After reading your site and coming from an inner coil mattress, my thoughts are a Simmons with a Latex topper. 

Before finding your site we were contemplating Simmons from Costco (ease of return is appealing if we don’t like it or if we can’t get it up the stairs).  
They offer the Simmons Hybrid Merritt Firm or Plush, Maxwell Firm and Salina Plush in the $1900-2300 range.
Another option we considered, as we love the nicer Marriott beds, was the ShopMarriott innerspring bed for $1500.  Not sure what type they use.
We love the “cozy bed” of the Marriott bedding, with a feather bed, do you put that on top of the Latex topper?  Would you advise that?
What size of Latex topper is recommended, 2” or 3”, and which of the ones you carry is recommended for plushness and quality?
Is a lower profile boxspring make any difference, as my wife being shorter a lower box will be better for her with higher mattress heights?
Let me know your thoughts or any guidance or recommendations you may have.
Thank you, Chad
Hi Chad,
It’s the individually pocketed coil system of the Simmons Beautyrest that makes it so comfortable. So, you definitely want to stick with that.
The mattress sold by Marriott is a low end Beautyrest, which has a lower coil count that what I would recommend.
The advantage of the Marriott model, is the lack of memory foam…which Simmone makes only for hotels.
At your weights, I normally wouldn’t have a problem with that mattress. But your wife’s has a small frame and her weight is concentrated.
The part of the mattress that supports her, needs to be stronger.
And yes, a low profile (5.5″) boxspring is recommended.
As far as delivery is concerned, today’s Beautyrests use a foam encased edge support, as opposed to the heavy border wire they used to use, years ago.
So, there’s should be no difficulty in manipulating the mattress enough to get it up your staircase.
The problem with older, smaller stair wells has always been the queen boxspring. And while a queen boxspring can be ordered split, a king boxspring is always split.
You don’t, ever, want to buy a “Plush” Beautyrest.
What makes it plush is a much thinner wire used to make the coils. It creates a deep softness that is too great and wears much too quickly.
Softness is for surface comfort. Your skeletal system requires form support.
The mattress I recommend is the Simmons Beautyrest Platinum Series Gibson Grove in Luxury Firm.
The latex topper should be plush, and 2″ is all you need.
Here are links to both, the mattress and latex topper.
Simmons Beautyrest Gibson Grove

EverEden all Natural Latex Mattress topper
The latex topper provide extraordinary surface comfort, but requires no maintenance.. simply set it and forget it.
A feather topper requires continual fluffing.
The only time we recommend a feather topper added to a latex topper, is to relieve the pain of an advanced case of fibromyalgia.
The topper arrives UPS.
The mattress and foundation come with white glove delivery…set up in your bedroom and the old set removed and taken away.
Delivery is free and there’s no sales tax.
Thanks, Pete

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