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Sleeping Hot~Memory Foam vs. Latex Foam Mattresses.

Hi Pete, 

Several years ago, I bought an all latex bed from FloBeds in Mendocino, CA. After struggling with it for almost 60 days they took it back. 

I have NEVER slept on anything that was hotter. I felt sick all the time, like being poached every night.

In fact, I could get up in the morning, have breakfast, come back and stick my hand between the 2 layers of latex in the mattress…

…and they would still be HOT!!! Half an hour later!!!
Needless to say I was heartbroken, because there is NOTHING like sleeping on latex for comfort. 

So I’m astonished to keep seeing online that latex is the coolest thing to sleep on, bar none.  

I used all sorts of mattress pads – all cotton – all wool – no pad – nothing made any difference at all. IT WAS THE MATTRESS! 

FloBeds couldn’t understand it. Neither do I.

Can you comment perhaps on what I might have done differently to make a latex bed cooler? 

I would dearly love to be able to buy one without fear of the nightmare return issue.
Thanks, Corky 

Hi Corky,
In this industry, it’s not all that uncommon to order one thing and receive another.
FloBeds also sells mattresses that are made of memory foam over a latex core.
When you buy from a company that doesn’t sell memory foam, there’s no chance of that particular mistake being made.
Memory foam sleeps hot, as it is a temperature sensitive product.
Latex is not temperature sensitive.

Another thing I’ve noticed, which may not apply to you, there are many people who lump all the foams together and don’t know the difference between latex,memory and poly foam.

You no longer have that mattress, so there’s no way to tell what it is that was actually delivered to you. 

At the head of every mattress is a white label that is sewn into the seam. It tells you, by percentage, what upholstery materials are used in the mattress.

I’m betting that what you got was upholstered with memory foam. It’s the only reasonable explanation.

We carry a number of Latex Mattress Brands.

Here are links to the Name Brand in the world of latex mattresses…Pure Talalay Bliss.

They do not make anything with memory foam, so there’s no chance of that mistake being repeated:


Pure Talalay Bliss Latex Mattress
Talalay Bliss Natural Latex Mattresses | The Mattress Expert Sleep Deeply and Wake Rested Pure Talalay BLISS is the premier manufacturer of Talalay Latex.. The Talalay process adds a vacuum & a freezing step, which suspends the particles resulting in a more supple finished product than Dunlop Latex and provides a superior sleeping surface than any other material on the market. themattressexpert.com


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Thanks, Pete

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