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Mattress Advice for a Big Man and a Small Woman with Acid Reflux and Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Hi Pete,

I need mattress advice. We are in our mid 50s. I’m a large man, about 250 lbs., and my wife is small, about half that. I work from home on the computer. We are considering latex mattresses on adjustable bed bases. My wife has acid reflux and suffers with rheumatoid arthritis.I can be comfortable on anything. I just have some minor low back pain sometimes.

I’ve read a lot of your blog posts and we are sold on latex and avoiding memory foam. Thank you for your warning about memory foam, but since my wife and I are so different in size, I was hoping you could help me decide on the best course of action.

Thanks much, Bill 

Good Morning Bill,

If you’re considering adjustable bed bases, then each of you can have a mattress better suited to your individual needs. The EverEden Latex Mattresses are made of Pure, All Natural Latex. What’s more, they are customizable. The 9” more uses a 6” core and a 3” top layer. For your wife, who is petite and suffering with pain from RA, both layers can be soft.

The same mattress for you would use a Medium core and a soft top. Those mattresses, shown here:


EverEden Latex Mattresses
EverEden Latex Mattress

Making your wife comfortable is easy. You are the more difficult of the two. My concern for you is your age and weight…along with the disc damage that goes along with those factors coupled with a desk job. Although it sounds like you have not been officially diagnosed, the smart money is on there being disc damage to some degree. You’re already feeling it in the lower back.
If, in fact, you do have some disc damage, an all foam mattress isn’t a good choice. No foam, not even the best of them, will provide the push back support your back requires. Only an innerspring can do that.
The best solution, in my opinion, is to forget the adjustable bed bases. Their only therapeutic value is in slight elevation. You can achieve that with Bed Risers, which you can pick up at Big Lots or online through Amazon. This will address your wife’s acid reflux…and for only a few dollars.
Go with the Natura of Canada Greenspring Ultra Plush Mattress.Shown here:https://themattressexpert.com/liberty-ultra-plush/

Liberty Ultra Plush | The Mattress ExpertYou’ll delight in the comfort of natural wool, latex and plant-based foam while you enjoy the support of our 5-zoned coil unit.themattressexpert.com

This will be perfect for you. If after you get it, the top can be softened further if either of you finds you need more surface comfort.
The biggest challenge of two different mattresses on those adjustable bed bases, is getting two that match in thickness.
Either way, delivery is free and there’s no sales tax.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION:Protect and maximize your mattress investment. Use a waterproof mattress protector.https://themattressexpert.com/bedding/gotcha-covered/protectors/

Protectors | The Mattress ExpertSoft and comfortable enough to be used as a sheet. 100% GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified organic cotton jersey, that feels just like your favorite t-shirt!themattressexpert.com

Thanks, Pete

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