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Activated Charcoal Cover Neutralizes the Bad Smell of Memory Foam Mattresses.

A Public Service Announcement. 

In the pages of this blog, you see many references to the toxicity of memory foam. The tell tale sign of that toxicity, is the acrid chemical smell you notice…especially when new.
And while you can’t mask the harmful off gassing, you can mask the smell. I’m told, by someone who has tried this activated charcoal fabric, that it neutralizes the odor. She reports that she still wakes feeling stuffy, but the smell is gone.

Here is the link to those Activated Charcoal covers. https://www.buyactivatedcharcoal.com/activated-charcoal-odor-eliminator-products/activated-carbon-cloth/activated-carbon-cloth-double-weave.html

CarboCloth® Double Weave Activated Carbon ClothCarboCloth® Double Weave Activated Carbon Cloth for Wound Dressings, NBC protective clothing, water purification, and artifact protection.www.buyactivatedcharcoal.com

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