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I Have Herniated Discs and my Memory Foam Mattress Provides No Back Support.

Hi Pete,

I’m 6ft, 210 lbs. My girlfriend is 5.6 125 lbs. I have 3 herniated discs in my lower back, pending surgery. I had purchased a queen memory foam mattress, a couple months ago, and was told it had medium density and would help my back? It is too soft, a memory foam that sinks in with body-heat.  It barely relieves pressure points and provides no back support! I turned the mattress over to the firmer bottom. It does seem a little firmer but still sinks-in a little after a while with two people. I was thinking that I may need a 2″ Dunlop Med Firm-queen topper to help with my pressure points and back support? Could you please advise if one in particular would be better than the other in my case?
Thank you, Jamie

Hi Jamie,
I find it to be no less than criminal, the way they sell memory foam and all their claims of benefit to bad backs…only to have the opposite to be true. Your conclusions about the topper are incorrect. A latex topper is for surface comfort.                                                      But what you have, is a mattress that provides no support. You need a different mattress…one that provides the upward support your spine needs.
I, too, am a large man with herniated discs….among other disc related problems. The mattress I have at home provides excellent support, comfort and longevity, and is what I recommend for you. It’s the Natura of Canada Greenspring Ultra Plush.  Your girlfriend will love the feel.                                                                       

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Thanks, Pete

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