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Puffy Mattress Shown on Ellen.

Maryann writes:

Hi Pete,

I saw, on The “Ellen” Show, something called a Puffy Mattress. They made it sound pretty good. Is it?

Thanks, Maryann

Hi Maryann,

The worst thing anyone can do, is to buy something, anything, based on a celebrity endorsement. Right off the bat, it costs more than it should, with the money they’re paid for the use of their name built into the price.
Oprah Winfrey, Ellen Degeneres, Vera Wang, Kathy Ireland and even Donald Trump have sold their names to promote mattresses. In each and every instance, what their names appeared on, has been nothing but junk. Quality sells itself, and doesn’t need a “hook”. In fairness to them, I’m sure they know nothing about mattress. I’m sure that they were assured that the products were good quality. Not a one of them has been good quality….least of all, any mattress made with memory foam….as is The Puffy Mattress.
Memory foam is a temperature sensitive material that softens as it warms from your body’s heat. They are made to be comfortable, initially, but memory foam is the least resilient upholstery material on the planet. Before too long, usually within a couple of months of purchase, the consumer begins to feel the support and comfort waning. Within a year’s time, the memory foam has lost all comfort and support.
The truly diabolical thing about memory foam, is that it returns to its original shape when you get out of bed. The criteria needed to prevail in a warranty claim is a sustained impression of 1.5″, which memory foam will never measure…with no one on the mattress.
It’s made to be comfortable enough to make the sale and poor quality enough to need frequent replacing. With all of the advertising hype that amounts to nothing short of brainwashing, many people won’t realize that it’s the memory foam causing the problem. So, they keep making the same mistake over and over again….which is what the mattress industry had in mind. All of the name brands, brand name you used to be able to trust, have gone bad….all sold to investors who use memory foam for the sake of profit. Most of today’s mattresses are upholstered with memory foam. It has created a boon for the mattress industry and a nightmare for the consumer.
We specialize in mattresses that have no memory foam in them.We promote natural latex, which is and has been thee best upholstery material for the last 100 years. Memory foam, over its 15-20 year history, has proven to be thee absolute worst upholstery material ever invented.  

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Thanks, Pete

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