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NovaFoam Pillow and Latex Mattress Topper Questions.

Eve writes:

Hi Pete,

I have 2 questions.  We bought an organic latex king size mattress some years ago. We love it!! I have some health issues and didn’t want off gassing.  Then a year or 2 ago, I was at Costco and decided to buy the Novaform cool pillow, It didn’t have any off gassing smell and it was “cool”, so I liked it.  Then, my husband wanted one so I bought one yesterday for him.  Last night the off gassing smell of his new cool pillow was DISGUSTING!  After he left this morning, I tried it and felt sick. I threw it, temporarily, in a ventilated non heated area.

Question #1 :  Does the off gassing ever dissipate?  Does it ever become “safe”?  Would my pillow after so long, with no smell be safe?

Question #2: (Unrelated). We have a queen mattress for guests that people complain is too soft.  I would like to get an organic latex topper.  Would an extra firm topper be too firm? Not firm enough or just adding another layer that is “too soft?”

Thanks, Eve,

Hi Eve,

#1)That Novafoam pillow is made of memory foam, which consists of 61 different chemicals….some, of which, are pretty nasty. Formaldehyde and Benzene are only a couple of the toxic chemicals used.As the cells break open from use, these toxins are released, and will, eventually, dissipate. The question is, “Why would you subject yourself to that?’. This off gassing is not safe. It attacks your respiratory system, with sinus headache being the most common, but not only, side effect.
There are memory foam pillows that are plant based, (made from soy), that don’t off gas. I can only guess that the first one, you bought, wasn’t a problem because it was used and returned. (Costco will take back anything they sell…so you could have easily gotten a used pillow), which actually turned out to be a good thing, in this case.
#2)What a body requires is firm underlying support for the spine and a comfortable sleeping surface for relaxation. What you’re proposing is the opposite. You already have inadequate support. Adding a firm latex topper will make the surface uncomfortable. You need a new mattress. We carry one that you may like. It’s an old fashioned two sided mattress that uses an individually pocketed coil system. This type of support contours to the sake of the body and maintains the spine’s natural alignment. The upholstery is plant based polyurethane foam….no chemicals. The Duo-Comfort model is ideal for a guest room…firm on one side and plush on the other,..allowing you to accommodate the needs of any guest. And, they are very reasonably priced.

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Thanks, Pete

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