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Replacing a 5 Year Old EverEden Latex Mattress Topper.

Cathy writes:

Hello Pete,

I purchased an EverEden latex mattress topper that I’ve been very happy with over the years. 

However, it’s starting to crumble a bit. Each week, I’m sweeping up bits of topper dust when I change the sheets.  I’ve got a cover on the topper, but not an all over cover to seal the dust inside.  I’m curious if the topper is just at the end of it’s life…more than 5 years old, and needs replacing? Or is there is an all over cover you recommend to reduce the amount of topper residue left behind?

Thanks, Cathy 

Hi Cathy,

Latex doesn’t wear out like other upholstery materials. Being made of natural rubber, it dries out. In northern climates, where it’s exposed to an extended heating season, it dries a little faster. 5 years isn’t bad for what is, essentially, bare latex that far north, exposed to dry heat. That same latex topper, purchased today, will have a sewn on cover, which will help protect it…reduce the time it takes to dry, and, contain the powder when it finally does start to dry out. 

As long as you can deal with the continual clean up, it’s still doing a good job. However, when you’ve had enough of that, then replace it with the new one that comes with that sewn on cover.

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BTW: this also applies to tires. If you own a car, be sure to buy freshly made tires. Many that are sold, have been warehoused for years. You don’t want those.

Thanks, Pete

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