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Am I Allergic to My Tempurpedic Mattress?

Irwin writes:
Hi Pete,

I bought a Tempurpedic mattress, and I have it for some six weeks. 
After a month, I exchanged it for a medium soft. The firm was too hard. 
We also have a gel top cover from Tempurpedic and of course a mattress sheet. 
I have developed a itchy rash on my forearm, ankles, thighs and even my chest. 
I do wear clothes to bed and the rash is not visible but it does itch. 
Is it possible that the mattress can be a cause of this? 
It just became a real problem over the last two weeks, even though we have been sleeping on this mattress for nearly two months. 
I appreciate your advice and what action, if any, I can take. 
My doctor just prescribed an internal antihistamine for me and I just started taking it.
Thank You, Irwin
Hi Irwin,
While I’m not a fan of Tempurpedic, nor the toxic chemical make-up of the memory foam they use, I’m not inclined to blame it for your particular problem.
Issues like this one, can usually be traced back to a change in laundry detergent or a change in the brand of soap you’re using.
Even if you haven’t changed brands for you personal or laundry soaps, the company making it,  may have changed the chemical composition.
If you’ve recently opened a new box of laundry soap or a new bar of soap, that might have caused it.
Memory foam off gasses the toxic chemicals from which it’s made. The negative side effect is usually felt in your respiratory system…ranging from sinus headache to bleeding sinuses….and worse. Skin rash is not something I’ve previously heard as being a problem.
My guess, is that it’s something on the fabrics your skin is touching.
Thanks, Pete

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