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The Mattress Expert is providing the Best Mattress Advice on the Internet.

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  1. Hello,
    I purchased a new simmons platinum queen mattress for $995. Why do I need to buy a $300 latex topper to add to this mattress? Why would an expensive mattress need an additional topper? Would not the mattress be rated for it’s comfort without a topper? Why would a topper be more comfortable than the mattress itself? This topper concept makes no common sense to me. Please convince me that a topper improves the comfort of a mattress, when a mattress is being purchased strictly for the best comfort you can find? An example is an expensive pair of shoes feels comfortable, but buy these socks and feel more comfortable.

  2. Hello Sandman,
    Who but a mattress salesman would have an email address like that?
    That’s perfectly fine. I’m well aware that today’s salespeople are not properly trained.

    Your question is based on comfort.
    The latex topper, used with a Simmons Beautyrest mattress is less about comfort and
    more about durability and longevity.

    Despite the misinformation you’ve received concerning memory foam, it is a very poor
    quality product…wearing quickly…not to mention sleeping hot.

    Latex foam, conversely, has always been the best quality upholstery material on the planet.
    Nothing new about that. It’s been the best for 100 years.

    The latex topper insulates you from the memory foam in the mattress.
    It absorbs your body weight, and doesn’t allow the memory foam to wear since it won’t soften,
    as it can’t react to your body’s heat.
    And, latex sleeps cool.

    The coils in the Beautyrests are much thinner in the plush models, which also wears quickly.
    When we recommend a Beautyrest mattress, it’s one of the firmer models, which are more
    durable, but less comfortable.
    The soft latex toppers will also provide the surface comfort most people want.
    And, that comfort will remain like new for years.

    The comfort of memory foam remains like new for only months.
    You should look up reviews on Simmons Beautyrest, online.
    They’re horrible.

    The combination of a firmer Beautyrest and a soft latex topper will give the consumer
    about 10 years of comfortable sleep.
    We’ve sold thousands of them over the past 10 years, with zero complaints.

    Thanks, Pete

    Website: http://www.themattressexpert.com
    Email: themattressexpert@live.com
    Phone: 856-874-6894


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