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My Back Feels Much Better on the Natura of Canada Greenspring Mattress.

Mary Alice writes:
Hi Pete,

My back is feeling much better with the Natura of Canada Greenspring Ultra Plush mattress you suggested.  
I am thinking about adding another topper for additional comfort.  
I was wondering which topper. Would the Eurorest or Luxe Loft be better?  
I like the the additional comfort from the pillow tops in the hotel mattresses. 
So I want that additional comfort along with the support of the latex top in my current mattress.
I appreciate your help.

Mary Alice

Hi Mary Alice,
I’m delighted to hear about your back feeling better. I was sure that it would, with that mattress.
You’re on the right track for that fluffy surface feel, but not necessarily the right product.
Those feather tops will compress easily, requiring daily fluffing.
If you have a maid, then that’s fine.
If you don’t have a maid, consider the “Down Alternative”.
It keeps its loft better, so you won’t have to keep after it, nearly as much.
Shown Here:


Pacific Coast Restful Nights Down Alternative  Fiber Bed

Pacific Coast Restful Nights Down Alternative Fiber Bed

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Thanks, Pete

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