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Back Pain, A Latex Mattress for an Adjustable Bed.

Sharon writes:
Hi Pete,

My husband had esophageal surgery and needs to sleep elevated.   
Recently my very generous brother surprised us with a adjustable bed.  
The only problem is that he did not ask what we preferred in firmness.  
Later he commented as to how soft it was and that we would sleep like a baby.  
It has memory foam which I had heard was so comfortable. From day one I have had back pain. I have always had back problems.  
Many years ago my parents gave me there “6” inch latex mattress.  
They had it for about ten years, and I had it for about 20 years with no problems.  
I have a bad back and used to looked forward to getting in the bed just for the relief I got.  
I began to hear that you should replace your mattress every 8 years so I did.   
My back problems, which were minor but became severe once I replaced the latex mattress.  
I figured once again it was time to replace our mattress.  
When my brother sent the new bed I figured it would solve both my husband’s problem and mine.  
The first few days were terrible. How do you tell your brother who just spent thousands of dollars on you he did wrong?  
Now I am sleeping in the guest room on the inner-spring mattress.  I do get some relief but need more.  
What I need now is advice as to the best move to make.  I know my best purchase is a latex mattress.  
I have a “very” expensive mattress that I need to replace (sell or trade).  
I am looking for the best place to purchase a latex split king mattress.  
What can you tell me about the least expensive place to shop for a latex split king mattress with free shipping.  
Any advice?
Thank you, Sharon
Hi Sharon,
Let’s get right to your solutions.
The very first thing to do, is to flip your mattress over. The memory foam side goes down and the firm poly foam side goes up.
It is very possible that this is all you need to do…sparing you from having to face your brother over it…or purchase anything.
Poly foam is much like latex, in that it is pressure sensitive and not temperature sensitive, as is memory foam.
Poly foam won’t last nearly as long as latex, but should get you down the road far enough, that when you do need to replace it, it won’t cause a family furor.
An EverEden pure, all natural 2″ Soft Talalay Latex Topper is what you should add to that, for surface comfort and longevity.
Shown here:
When it’s time, or should you decide that NOW is the time to replace that memory foam mattress with a latex mattress, I suggest the following:
An EverEden 6″ Vytex Dunlop Latex Mattress…available in Soft, Medium or Firm.
Shown here:
EverEden Latex Mattress

EverEden 6″ Latex Mattress

These are the lowest in cost for pure, all natural latex.
You can find cheaper latex that’s made in China, but it will have clay as a filler and won’t last very long.
The latex topper and latex mattresses come with free delivery and there’s no sales tax.
You have to understand that the mattress industry is a very unfriendly place for consumers.
There are very few places you can shop where your best interest is even remotely considered.
All this talk about memory foam and replacing your mattress after 8 years are nothing more than sales hype that is designed to drive sales.
Today, it’s all about making money and not at all about quality. You have to know that all this hype is nothing more than pure BS.
This is a BS driven industry and they spend untold millions of dollars on ads that do nothing more than play the American consumer for suckers.
And THAT, is a warning to anyone and everyone who happens to be reading this post.
Thanks, Pete

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