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Replace a Stearns and Foster Holly Court Plush Mattress with a Natura Greenspring.

Michelle writes:
Hi Peter, 
In 2007 we purchased a Stearns and Foster Holly Court mattress from you. 
As expected it has developed some sagging and dips even with rotation, now that it’s 12 years old.
We absolutely love this mattress! What is your recommendation for replacing this mattress? 
Most importantly if it were you which mattress would you purchase?
Many thanks from a very satisfied customer!
Hi Michelle,
I’m happy to see you back and happy to know that my last recommendation worked out so well for you.
Now that S&F is owned by Tempurpedic, there isn’t a mattress in that line that comes close to the quality of the Holly Court.
Yours has no memory foam in it, which is why it wore so well and held up for so long.
You’d be lucky to get a couple of years from a S&F mattress made today…due to the memory foam in their mattresses.
We stopped selling S&F when Tempurpedic bought them.
We then went shopping at the trade shows to see if we could find a high quality alternative….and we did.
The mattress I’m recommending for you is the same one we use at home….since you asked.
These Natura of Canada Greenspring mattresses are better made than even the S&F Holly Court you have.
The coil count is higher and the steel from which the coils are made, is double tempered…very resilient.
Also, the upholstery is natural Talalay Latex. Latex has been the best, providing the longest lasting comfort for the past 100 years.
The Holly Court is upholstered with Polyurethane foam…much better than memory foam, but not as good as latex.
Of the four models in the Natura of Canada Greenspring line, the Ultra Plush model is the most comfortable.
It’s the one I recommend and the one we sleep on at home.
Here is a link to that line of mattresses:


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Thanks, Pete

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