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A Soft Mattress to Replace an 18 Year Old Pillowtop.

Patricia writes:
Wow, all I can say is wow. Your advice seems so much better than anything I am finding locally what wonderful people you are. 
I need a new mattress, as my 18 year old mattress is finally giving out. 
It is a double sided king sized pillow top, spring mattress that I could flip and spin at leisure.
The best I found, so far, is crazy expensive Simmons Beautyrest single sided pillow top mattress for more than 4000 dollars. 
I am not convinced that this is best uses of my hard earned money. 
It’s really hard for me to spend that kind of money on something I have doubts about. 
Knowing quality isn’t cheap was but really hoping for about 1/2 that price. 
I am willing to pay for quality, but I want another 18 years of comfort and I am not convinced that this mattress will provide it.
Here are some of my stats so you can better help me.
I am 63 year old female 170 pound 5’5”.
I sleep on my back mostly and occasional side sleeper.
I lie in bed to watch television a lot more than I should.
I am the only person that sleeps in my bed. 
But I sleep with 4 small dogs that move around so I would like something that does not have a lot of motion transfer.
I am a light sleeper.
I hate being hot while sleeping but I naturally give off a lot of body heat.
I have no real orthopedic issues but I am getting older and stiffer when I wake in the morning.
I love soft pillow tops, the softest one I can find, I mean really soft. Did I say soft is what I like? 
At the same time I do not want to give up support. 
I am looking for a balance where I do not give up soft comfort to something that quickly deteriorates.
I love the double sided option but I really can’t find anyone who still sells them.
My sleeping, and  my mattress is of utmost importance to me. 
It is the number one quality of life items I own.
I hate these memory foam mattresses. You cannot sit on the sides.
And, they seem really hot and I can’t imagine that you can ever move after you lie in one for a few minutes.
Not to mention that they are full of awful chemicals. 
There is nothing about a memory foam mattress that I like. 
They are down right creepy to even touch.
I am also have a newfound interest in these adjustable bed bases and wonder if they would be better than the box springs. 
Please share your thoughts with me.  Is an adjustable bed a good or bad idea? 
Will it prematurely break down the mattress? Do they have a lot of mechanical issues? Are they worth the money? 
Are the wired one a better option then the remote control one?
I am happy to provide you with more information to better assist me.
Thanks for reading this long note and thanks in advance for any help you can provide.
Hi Patricia,

That Beautyrest mattress you saw was “The Legend”, if my guess is correct.
The Legend is a Platinum Series Beautyrest with a couple of extra bells and whistles.
It’s an exclusive to that store, which is why they charge sooo much for it.
That $4000 is mostly profit.
My recommendation for you is a Beautyrest mattress and a latex topper.
The individually pocketed coils of the Beautyrest, contour to the shape of your body and maintain the natural alignment of your spine.
The independent movement of the pocketed coils greatly reduces motion transfer.
However the upholstery material is memory foam, which wears poorly and sleeps hot.
The latex topper prevents the premature wear and sleeps cool.
The latex topper is the key to having that mattress remain like new for many years.
Latex is the original foam rubber, and has been the best upholstery material for the last 100 years.
The adjustable bed bases are good for hanging out in your bedroom.
Lifting you to watch TV or read or play on your laptop.
They have no therapeutic value.
If you wan to go that route, get the two bases and set them both to one remote.
Use a one piece king mattress with them.
If going with the adjustable bases, add $1500 to the price of the king mattress only.
The mattress I’m recommending for you is:
The Simmons Beautyrest Platinum Series Gibson Grove Luxury Firm.
Shown here:
Simmons Beautyrest Gibson Grove
Add to that, The EverEden Pure, All Natural 3″ Soft Talalay Latex Topper
Shown here:


Together, they provide the support you need and the comfort you want.
And, your new bed will remain like new for many years.
The most common complaint about adjustable beds, is needing a new remote from time to time.
And yes, mattresses do wear faster when the head is raised.

Your body weight shifts from being evenly distributed to being concentrated to the spot in the mattress just under your butt.

The mattress comes with white glove delivery, which includes removal of your old mattress.
The latex topper arrives via UPS.
Delivery is free and there’s no sales tax.
Thanks, Pete

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