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Sleep Number Bed Mattress is Causing Back Pain and Messing with My Sleep.

Carrie writes:

Hi Pete.  
We purchased a split king (two twin mattresses) sleep number bed last December.  
I put off returning it because my wife LOVES it and she’s a cancer patient, so her needs come first at this time.  
Now it’s past the return deadline and I’m stuck with this mattress for better or worse.  
I should have swapped it out for a twin, and purchased a regular mattress for my side.  
Hindsight, huh?

Every night I sleep on the mattress, it just gets worse for me.  
I can’t sleep more than 4 hours on it without back pain and it’s really messing up my sleep.  
I read your posts but your advice to change out the topper that is inside the mattress seems to apply to old mattresses?  
Mine is new and I don’t see how just replacing the topper inside would work?  Any clarification would be appreciated, truly.   
And why does latex work better than memory foam?   I’m 280 lbs.   
Additionally, when I sleep on spring mattresses (hotels, etc) I sleep fine with minimal, if any, back pain.
Argh…  thanks in advance for any tips.
Hi Carrie,
Latex is an all natural material, which is far more resilient and not temperature sensitive…It won’t soften from your body heat.
It’s been the best upholstery material for the past century.
Memory foam is made from a toxic chemical soup. Memory foam IS temperature sensitive, softening from your body’s heat and collapsing under your weight.
Memory foam has proven to be the worst upholstery material ever invented…over it’s 20 year history.
I’m happy for your wife. But, I’m willing to bet that her opinion of that mattress will change by next Christmas.
Swapping out the memory foam inside for latex, will help. But, it would amount to nothing more than temporary solution…a band aid for a gaping wound.
That air mattress and it’s lack of support was a horrible choice for someone your size.
You can buy a high quality Twin Extra Long mattress for your side of the bed.
The one I recommend is the Natura of Canada Greenspring Ultra Plush
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Natura of Canada Liberta mattress
Greenspring Liberta Firm Mattress. Restore energy and vitality with the Liberta Firm Mattress. Healthy helpings of natural wool and latex paired with a supportive coil unit provide a cozy, affordable eco-haven for sleep.
White Glove Delivery is free and includes removal of your current mattress.
Delivery is free and there’s no sales tax.
Thanks, Pete

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