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Sciatica Pain on a 3 Year Old Stearns and Foster Mattress.

John writes:
Hi Pete,

I hope you can recommend a great supportive mattress for my back. 
I have Sciatica and I can no longer sleep on my 3 year old mattress because it has  become too soft for my back problems. 
I am 5’10 and weigh 185, I either sleep on my back or on my right or left side in a semi fetal position. 
I also am not to keen with a foam mattress, but I do need the support to keep my back in alignment when I sleep. 
My wife is 5’2″ and weighs about 130 lbs. She prefers a mattress that is not as hard or firm as I like. 
So, we may have to compromise a bit. I do need the support for my back.
I would love for you to recommend to me a supportive mattress that will last for many years and will help me with my back issues. 
And it needs to give both of us a great night’s sleep. 
I have a Stearns and Foster Mattress now, and I am very disappointed with its performance. It has sagged and lost its firmness. 
This was not a cheap mattress, when I purchased it 3 years ago. 
Please get back to me with your choice of an excellent mattress with the firm support I need for my bad back. 
Please send a link, so I may view it online.
Regards, John
Hi John,
Now that Stearns and Foster is owned by Tempurpedic, everything they make is loaded with memory foam.
It’s the memory foam that has caused the bed to soften and cause your back pain.
Once softened, you sink in where your heaviest, (usually at the hip and waist), causing your spine to become misaligned.
Stearns and Foster had been ‘The Cadillac of the Industry’ for many decades.
Since Tempurpedic bought them, they’ve now become nothing more than expensive junk.
Supporting your spine properly and making both of your comfortable enough to sleep deeply, does not require a compromise.
It does, however, require a combination of products.
For the last decade, we have recommended this particular sleep system combination countless times…and with zero complaints.
The mattress to buy is The Simmons Beautyrest Platinum Gibson Grove Luxury Firm.
This will maintain the natural alignment of your spine and relieve your sciatica pain.
Add to that, a Pure Bliss 2″ Plush Natural Talalay Latex Topper.
This product will provide excellent surface comfort and add many years of longevity to the mattress.
Here are links to both products.
Simmons Beautyrest Gibson Grove

The mattress comes with White Glove Delivery, which includes set-up and removal of your old mattress.
The latex topper arrives via UPS.
Delivery is free for both, and there’s no sales tax.
Protect and maximize your mattress investment. Use a waterproof mattress protector.
Thanks, Pete

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