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A Latex Topper on a Stearns and Foster Mattress Causing Hip and Back Pain.

Linda writes:
Hi Pete,
Which topper would be best for helping with my back and hip pain?  
I have had a herniated disc in my lower back, which developed a few years back.  
Lately, the pain in my lower back and hips are extremely bad. When I move in bed I scream out in pain.  
We just bought a new mattress, about a year ago.
It’s a Stearns and Foster, so we don’t want to replace it just yet.  
Would a topper help, and if so, which one.

Thanks, Linda
Hi Linda,

The problem is that you bought a poor quality mattress.
Ever since Tempurpedic bought S&F and loaded everything with memory foam, S&F went from being ‘The Cadillac of the Industry’ to nothing more than expensive junk, overnight…all thanks to the memory foam upholstery. 
It’s the memory foam that has failed you.
Now, it’s too latex to fix.
Had you added a latex topper to that mattress when new, it would still be like new today.
That said, there is a way to correct your situation.
You will, indeed, need a latex topper.
When it arrives, flip your one sided mattress over before adding the topper.
The memory foam on top is worthless. The underside of the mattress is much stronger.
Once flipped, you’ll have the firm support you need for your herniated disc.
The latex topper will provide the surface softness you need to sleep comfortably.
What’s more, the latex topper will remain like new for many years.
The one to get is The Pure Talalay Bliss 2″ Plush Natural Talalay Latex Topper.
A link to that, shown here:
The topper ships via UPS and takes about two weeks to arrive.
Delivery is free and there’s no sales tax.

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Thanks, Pete

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