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Latex Mattress Topper Shipped to The UK.

Tracey writes:

Hi Pete,

Your advice has been priceless to us and I am telling everyone about you and latex. 
People have said they will be coming to me for advice soon. 
Do you ship the Pure Bliss Latex Toppers to the UK? 
I really hope so, because I would like to give you my business. If not do you have a distributor in the UK?
We have turned our Sealy over and have put a new memory foam topper on top, which is one we had already (until we get the latex one). 
So far, we are sleeping better but not perfect. At least, our backs don’t hurt anymore.
My partner is still waking with pressure pain so I am just wondering if the soft will be too soft in latex. 
Not having been with the latex I do not know its feel.
Warmest regards and sweet dreams,

Thank you again, Tracey.

I’m happy to know you’ve been reading and have followed my advice about flipping over your memory foam mattress.
We do not ship to The UK. Shipping costs would be too high.
But, you’re in luck.
Pure Talalay Bliss does have a manufacturing facility in London.
They offer the same latex toppers, as we do.
You should be able to find a retailer near you through a google search.
Latex feels nothing like memory foam.
Latex isn’t temperature sensitive, as is memory foam.
You don’t sink through it. It holds you up…suspended by it.
The best way to describe the feel of latex, is that you’re floating.

For those of you in the US, here is the link to those latex toppers.


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Thanks, Pete

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