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Natura Greenspring Firm Mattress and Latex Topper on an Amish Bed.

Katrina writes:

Hi Pete,

Our new bed will soon arrive, so now we are looking for a mattress.
The bed is a solid wood bed (Amish) and the box spring will sit approx 9 1/2 inches off the floor.
I am 5’8″ so I am a bit concerned how high up the top of the bed will be, due to limited mobility.
I see the page says that the Natura Greenspring Firm is 12″ inches high.
If I bought as a set with the 5″ foundation and added the 3″ Talalay Latex topper you recommend, how high up will the top of the bed be?
I am, as I said, 5’8″ and close to 300 pounds. My husband is 6’3″ and 200 pounds. 
He can sleep most anywhere although he prefers beds on the firmer side.
I have a hard time sleeping and wake up multiple times each night and have aches in my hip and lower back.
Is the Natura Greenspring Firm with the latex topper the best option for us?
Thank you, Katrina   
Hi Katrina,
To provide proper support for your back, be comfortable enough for your hip and hold up for many years under your sizes, This is your best option.
The mattress is 12″ thick.
The foundation is 5″ high.
The latex topper is 3″
Where the foundation rests is 9.5″ from the floor.
Total height of the bed from the floor is 29.5″…which you should find easy to get in and out of.
Our mattress at home is 28″ and my wife is 4″ shorter than you. She has no problems.
Here are links to: The Natura of Canada Greenspring Firm Mattress, and to the Pure Talalay Bliss 3″ Plush Natural Talalay Latex Topper.


The mattress set comes with White Glove Delivery, which includes set-up on your bed and Removal of Your Old Mattress Set.
The latex topper arrives via UPS.
Delivery, for both, is Free and there’s NO Sales Tax.
Protect and maximize your mattress investment. Use a waterproof mattress protector.

Thanks, Pete

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