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Mattress for Daughter in College with Sciatica pain.

Stephanie writes:
Hi Peter,

Thanks so much for your time. 
We are moving our daughter into college August 17th and will need a mattress delivered to her second floor apartment. 
She likes a firm mattress and likes her Sealy Posturpedic Elderberry which they no longer make. 
She has really bad back pain with sciatica with an L5 pars fracture. She is 5′ 10″ and 163 pounds. 
She sleeps in all positions but due to pain is usually on her side or back right now.
Thanks again for all of your suggestions.
Hi Stephanie,

I have a well made, old fashioned two sided mattress for your daughter that provides the proper support for her size and condition that is reasonably priced…which is a perfect choice for her college years and 1st apartment.
It uses an individually pocketed coil unit with tempered steel coils.
The pocketed coils will maintain the natural alignment of her spine, which will relieve her sciatica pain.
The coils are numerous enough and strong enough to hold her weight for several years.
There are 2 models in the line.
The Brolynn Plush isn’t all that plush.
The Duo Comfort is firm on one side and plush on the other.
She’s likely to be happy with either.
The Duo Comfort model provides a bit more flexibility, for when she feels she could do with a bit more surface comfort.
The upholstery is plant based poly foam, so you won’t have to worry about chemical off gassing.
Here is a link to those mattresses.
UPS Delivery is Free and there’s no sales tax.
Protect and maximize your mattress investment. Use a waterproof mattress protector.

Thanks, Pete

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