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Simmons Beautyrest Black K Series Mattress Dilemma.

June writes:
Hello Pete,
I came across your website trying to research a possible solution to our new mattress dilemma.  
In April we got a new “plush” mattress, made locally, no memory foam.
The store demo was comfortable. What we got delivered was like a concrete slab, even allowing for “new” vs “demo” feel.  
We got a split king (two twin xl’s and motion bases, had tested a king in the store).  
The company we bought from has a replacement guarantee if not totally happy.
We ended up replacing with a Beautyrest Black K series ultra plush pillow top – king size, for Big Bucks.
We kept the non-refundable/exchangeable motion bases.

Since day 1 of receiving mattress #2, it caused almost immediate hip pain/sciatica nerve pain.
The store demo did not…and we gave it (and other models) lengthy tests.  
I contacted the salesperson, who is contacting the owner to see what if anything can be done.  
(they allow one exchange/replace, we’ve already used that).  
She said it’s probably the summer humidity, room should not be below 70 degrees, etc….are you kidding me????  
I tried raising the head and /or foot levels, no difference.  
I put a memory foam topper we had on hand on my side…it help alleviate the hip pain/discomfort, now have back pain.
I can’t stay in the bed more than a few hours at a time…end up sleeping in my recliner. 
I hate memory foam…sink, difficult to roll/turn, get out of bed.
Can you recommend any solutions for our situation?
I know you can add toppers to make mattresses less firm.
We thought we were getting the best of both worlds….comfort on top of great support.  
We are in our 60’s… large people…husband is 6′, 290 lbs…I’m 5’7″, 230 lbs and have the usual complaints of aging.
I also, recently, completed a year of cancer treatment, have fibromyalgia, etc. Hubby has a bad back/arthritis.   
We’ve already spent a ton of money. I’ve been doing a lot of research on various toppers but that’s confusing.  What a mess.   
p.s. My husband sleeps ok on it, but he could sleep on a rock.  🙂  
Thank you for “listening”.
Hi June,
It sounds like you’re looking for a band-aid.
A latex topper will insulate you from the memory foam in the mattress, provide surface comfort that lasts for years, and save the mattress from wearing prematurely.
The one I recommend is the Pure Talalay Bliss, 3″ Plush Natural Talalay Latex Topper.
Shown here:
UPS Delivery is free and there’s no sales tax.
Protect and maximize your mattress investment. Use a waterproof mattress protector.
Thanks, Pete

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