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Body Impressions in a Simmons Beautyrest Plush Mattress.

Pamela writes:
Hi Pete,

My husband and I have a Simmons Beautyrest Plush mattress. 
It’s used very little as it’s in a vacation house. It really was amazingly comfortable, at first.
However, it is showing body impressions, despite the limited use it gets.
We would like to replace our regular mattress with something comparable in comfort, but with greater durability. 
We are average size people and need your help in choosing the right mattress for us.
I appreciate any help you can provide. 
Many thanksPamela
Hi Pamela,
As you’ve noted, a plush Beautyrest wears poorly, even for occasional use.
The gauge of the wire used for the coil is very thin in their plush models, which gives it the feel you like and the durability you don’t like.
Besides the thin gauge wire, the steel isn’t tempered…and it fails quickly.
Also, the upholstery is memory foam. This, too, fails quickly.
To achieve the fell you want, I have 2 options for you.
1) The Simmons Beautyrest Platinum Series Gibson Grove Luxury Firm and a Pure Bliss 2″ or 3″ Plush Natural Talalay Latex Topper.
It’s the individually pocketed coil system of the Simmons Beautyrest that maintains the natural alignment of the spine.
This mattress does that, as well, but the steel from which the coils are made, is heavier and stronger.
The latex topper insulates you from the memory foam in the mattress, causing the mattress to remain like new for many years.
And, the latex topper provides extraordinary surface comfort that resists body impressions.
Here are links to both, the mattress and latex toppers.


2) The Natura of Canada Greenspring Ultra Plush Mattress.
This mattress has the same type of pre-compressed, individually pocketed coil system as the Simmons Beautyrest.
The coil count is higher and the double tempered steel coils are stronger.
What’s more, the upholstery is Natural Talalay latex…containing no memory foam, and not needing the purchase of a separate latex topper.
My wife and I have this mattress, in our master bedroom. It is more than 4 years old and shows no signs of wear.
And despite that fact that we are larger, heavier people, there is not even the slightest of body impressions.
Here are links to that line of mattresses, and to that specific model.
Both mattresses come with White Glove Delivery, which includes set-up and removal of your old mattress.
The latex topper arrives via UPS.
Everything we sell comes with free delivery and there’s no sales tax.
Thanks, Pete

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