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What Mattress Does The Expert Sleep On?

Susanne writes:
Hi Pete,
I haven’t made good choices, buying mattresses, and my husband is furious at all the money we’ve wasted.
Up till now, I’ve relied on the salespeople and Consumer Reports for guidance…all with disastrous results.
This has driven me to do my own research, which is where I found you. 
It didn’t take very long before I discovered why my choices had been so bad. 
Your expertise is far above anyone else’s.
So, I just want to cut to the chase and buy the mattress that The Expert sleeps on.
Please send me a link to that mattress, so that I can get it ordered.
Thanks, Susanne
Hi Susanne,
My wife and I have home tested a number of mattresses, over the years.
The one we have now is the best of them.
After more than 4 years, our mattress is still in like new condition, despite both of us being overweight.
And, I have lots of disc related back damage, which has caused me much constant pain over the years.
With this mattresses, I sleep and wake without back pain.
The mattress we have is The Natura of Canada Greenspring Ultra Plush…the most comfortable of their 4 models.
That line of mattresses, shown here:
These mattresses come with White Glove Delivery, which includes set-up in your bedroom and removal of your old mattress.
Delivery is Free and there’s NO Sales Tax.
Thanks, Pete

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  1. Hi Pete! I’m so happy Suzanne asked this question, as I feel the same way about my own mattress buying history. Do you use a latex topper on your Greenspring mattress, and if so, what thickness?

  2. Hi Susan,
    My apologies for the delay in answering.

    We do use a latex topper on our Greenspring Ultra Plush Mattress.
    We had been using a 2” Plush, but recently switched to the 3” Plush.
    I was ok without a topper, but my wife has a sensitive hip.
    Without question, the 3” is noticeably more comfortable than the 2”.
    Here is a link to the toppers:

    UPS Delivery is Free and there’s no sales tax.

    Thanks, Pete

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