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Tempurpedic, The Wrong Mattress for a Big Man with Sciatica Pain.

John writes:
Hey Pete,

Recently I bought a rather cheap bed replacing a bed I had for about 14 years. 
This cheap bed caused me to sleep on my stomach. Sleeping on my back and sides caused me sciatica pain. 
Finally, it got to the point where the Sciatica pain was constant no matter how I slept. 
I decided I needed to invest into a good bed that would last and relieve my pain. 
I ended up buying an insanely priced Tempurpedic mattress. 
In the store, the bed felt firm yet it gave to my body and was rather soft. 
I’m a big man, 6′ 2″ and 390 pounds.
This new Tempurpedic mattress, they delivered, is as hard as a concrete slab.
I have walked on it and other things and there is zero relief in sight. 
I called Tempur/Sealy, hoping that they might be able to help me. 
They told me that for Sciatica I should have gone with another model that was just too expensive. 
This mattress was around $700 cheaper and felt ok. 
So now, after dealing with the people who sold it to me, I am getting a one time exchange. 
I am really concerned with picking the correct bed that will help me align my back and correct the sciatica. 
If you could please suggest something for me I would really appreciate it.
Thank You, John
Hi John,
I’m sorry to be the one to break the news to you.
Memory foam is the worst upholstery material ever invented for use in or as a mattress.
It’s poor performance is matched only by the health hazard it presents.
Memory foam off gasses the toxic chemicals from which it’s made.
What they promote as being the best thing since sliced bread, is nothing more than junk.
If you can return it for a refund, which is something they advertise, do so.
Then, I can get you into something that will provide support, comfort and longevity for a big man.

If you can’t return it,  add an all natural latex topper to the mattress you have.

Shown here:
Latex is and has been the best upholstery material for the last 100 years.
Memory foam has proven to be the worst, over its 20 year history.
Keeping your mattress clean and dry will increase longevity.
Use our Organic Cotton Waterproof Mattress Protector. 

Thanks, Pete

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