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Sealy Memory Foam Mattress Hurts My Back.

Phillip writes:
Hi Pete,
After all the trouble the salesman took convincing me that I needed this Sealy memory foam mattress, 
I was surprised to find that this mattress hurts my back.
Mind you, I didn’t have any back pain prior to buying this mattress.
And, my back didn’t start hurting me until my 100 night trial period had passed.
Now, the salesman says he can’t help me. So, I went over his head to the store manager…same response.
Finally, I got to talk with the owner of the store, and he is willing to exchange it for another like it.
But, that exchange isn’t free. Since it’s past the 100 night free trial, he wants a delivery charge and a restocking fee.
Before I got to speak with him, I went online and found your blog.
Thanks to you, I won’t waste anymore of my time or money with that store.
I’ve learned, from your blog, that a latex topper is a viable solution.
My question are: 
Do I get a firm latex topper to put on top, or a plush latex topper to put on the flip side?
Do I get the 2″ or the 3″.
I’m in my late 40s, 5’10” tall and weight 175 lbs.
Thank you for your guidance and professionalism. 
After reading your blog posts, I’m convinced. You are an expert in your field.
Thanks again, Phillip
Hi Phillip,
A latex topper does provide an excellent, long term solution to your problem,
It’s the memory foam, on top of your mattress that is the problem.
It is supported by firm, high density polyurethane foam.
Flipping the mattress will put the memory foam on the bottom, where it can no longer be a problem.
I suggest you do that today and sleep on it tonight. You back will stop hurting.
The question, then becomes, “How much surface softness do you need to sleep comfortably?”.
Both, the 2″ and 3″ Plush Pure Bliss Natural Talalay Latex Toppers, will provide a measure of long lasting comfort.
If you like a firmer feel, then the 2″ is all you need.
But there’s no question about it, the 3″ is noticeably more comfortable than the 3″.
If you have a female side sleeper to accommodate, as well, go with the 3″.
Here is a link to those latex toppers:
Keeping your mattress clean and dry will increase longevity.
Use our Organic Cotton Waterproof Mattress Protector. 

Thanks, Pete

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  1. Hi…so speaking of things mattress, after much deliberation, and because of his particularness, dad age 102 went with the sleep number bed, for better or for worse. (It’s for better so long as I don’t hear any whining about it). They (he sleeps with mom age 97 with dementia) had a mattress pad that was very old, heated, and had hard coils in it…so if we’re considering a new one, what are your thoughts…should be go back to heated? I saw one that was also waterproof, which we’d want as a precaution since mom could become incontinent at some point. So far mostly so good

  2. Hi Robin,
    When comfortable and without complaints, the last thing you want to do is expose elderly
    people to dramatic change.
    If they were enjoying the warmth from the heated pad, it makes sense to stick with it.

    However, I suggest questioning them about the heat from the pad.
    A lot of elderly people will not complain.

    If it turns out, they didn’t like the heat, then you can get them the one we use at home.
    Shown here:

    Thanks, Pete

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