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Natura Greenspring Ultra Plush vs. Simmons Beautyrest/Latex Topper Combo.

Tom writes:
Hi Peter,

Picking this back up as we had a lot going on lately and didn’t progress with the mattress decision yet.
Thanks for your recommendations below. I have a few questions:
For the KING (use by me and my wife):  
You recommended a combo of a Simmons Beautyrest Platinum mattress, with a 3″ soft latex topper.  
How would the Natura Greenspring hybrids, you carry, compare to that combo? 
(e.g. Greenspring Liberta Luxury Firm / Plush / Ultra Plush)?
Same question for the Latex Hybrid from Wolf?  
(e.g. Adara Plush Tight Top)
Lastly, would it be recommended to have a latex topper on top of  a Wolf Two-Sided mattress?
Could you let me know the expected delivery time from time of order for your recommended mattresses:
Platinum Simmons KING
Soft latex KING
Wolf Two-Sided mattress Queen.
Thank you, Tom
Hi Tom,
The Natura of Canada Greenspring Ultra Plush is superior to the Simmons Beautyrest/Latex Topper combination.
Simmons Beautyrest Gibson Grove


However, due to your sizes, the later will prove to be more comfortable and plenty durable.
My wife and I have the former at home, but then again, we are a lot heavier than the two of you.
The Wolf Adara Latex Hybrid is a new model for us and is a good option for you.
Neither the Adara nor the Natura Ultra Plush would require the purchase of a separate latex topper.
However, the Adara mattress arrive via UPS, as does the their two sided mattresses.
You will have to bring it in and set it up…and, removal of your old mattress is not available.
The Duo Comfort Brolynn is still your best choice of a guest room, which does not require a latex topper.
Wait time varies only slightly….about 2 weeks…more or less by a couple of days.
Since our last communication, there has been a change in my ability to deliver the Simmons Beautyrest.
I can offer white glove delivery to the northeast corridor only.
(NYC and vicinity, NJ, Eastern PA, DE, Eastern MD, DC and Northern VA.)
If you live outside of these areas, you can use my webpage to negotiate price with a local retailer.
The model names are different at every store. So, the way to shop for it is:
Simmons Beautyrest Platinum Series, Luxury Firm Tight Top. (There is only one, regardless of model name).
Delivery is free and there’s no sales tax.
Keeping your mattress clean and dry will increase longevity.
Use our Organic Cotton Waterproof Mattress Protector. 

Thanks, Pete

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