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Looking for a Mattress Comparable to My 20 Year Old Tempurpedic.

Laura writes:
Hi Pete,
I am shopping for a new mattress, and found your blog online.
I have a 20 year old Tempurpedic mattress, and would like something comparable to it.
I went shopping and a salesman told me that The Simmons Beautyrest was most comparable.
I wonder if that is true.
Your blog mentions using a latex topper on a Simmons Beautyrest mattress.
I need two twin-xl mattresses, to be used on adjustable bed bases.
Can you help with this decision?
Thanks, Laura
Hi Laura,

You must understand that the quality of mattresses, as a whole, has plummeted over the past 20 years.
Even the memory foam, used by Tempurpedic, was higher quality, back then.
Tempurepdic is the closest to what you have.
And while closest in general construction, no Tempurpedic mattress will perform as well, nor for nearly as long as your mattress has.
A Simmons Beautyrest mattress is a very poor choice for use on an adjustable bed base.
As a flat mattress, adding a latex topper to a Beautyrest will cause it to hold up well over the years.
But when you crank up an adjustable bed base, your body weight shifts from being more evenly distributed across the face of the mattress, to being concentrated onto the spot in the mattress just under your butt.
The Beautyrest coils are made of non-tempered steel.
They are, simply, not strong enough to hold an average weight adult under those circumstances.
It’s important that the mattress you choose, be made of high quality materials.
There has been nothing as durable than natural latex.
Latex starts as the sap from the rubber tree.
Latex mattresses first appeared in the 1920s…and has been considered the best upholstery material for all this time.
Memory foam is a chemical product…made of 61 different chemicals…some toxic.
Formaldehyde and Benzene are two of the worst chemicals used.
Latex has always been expensive to make…a complex process that also removes the allergen that is naturally present. (Protein)…unlike some latex bandages and gloves, where the protein remains.
Latex foam is the most resilient of all upholstery materials available…and will most closely mimic the experience you’ve had over the past 20 years.
You, actually, have two options.
1) A new latex mattress.
I recommend the Natura brand, made in Canada.
These mattresses are made of all natural materials.
That line, shown here:
Natura Bourdolay all Latex Mattress
I recommend the Bourdolay Plush model to better conform to the curves of a female.
Ignore the prices on the above page. They are dictated by the factory.
The discounted price shows on this link:
This mattress comes with white glove delivery, which includes set up of your new mattress and removal of your old mattress and all packaging materials.
2) A latex topper only.
Your mattress has two components. The memory on top is supported by high density polyurethane foam. Before buying anything, I suggest flipping your mattress over.
While intended to be a one sided mattress, the underside is perfectly usable.
You’ll find the underside to be much firmer…likely, too firm for comfort…but, good support.
Once you’ve flipped it, should you find the mattress to be usable, as I suspect, then all you need is a latex topper to go on it, which will give you the surface comfort you’ll need.
If going with this option, I recommend the:
Pure Bliss 2” or 3” Plush Natural Talalay Latex Topper
Shown here:
The 2” does a good job. The 3” is noticeably more comfortable.
These arrive via UPS.
Either option comes with free shipping and no sales tax is changed.
Keeping your mattress clean and dry will increase longevity.
Use our Organic Cotton Waterproof Mattress Protector. 
Thanks, Pete

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