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A Compressor Fix for an Old Air Mattress.

Pete writes:
Hi Pete,
I have a queen-size air bed, which I got a long time ago. 
I replaced the air bladders, maybe 10 years ago.  
The compressor recently died, but the bladders seem to be in good shape.
When the compressor died, it simply let all the air out of the bladders.  
When I disconnected the bladders from the unit though, they seem to hold air fine.  
Could I use a bicycle pump to replace the air in the bladders. 
It seems like there is a valve at the compressor-end of the stem on the bladder.
Is there a fitting I would have to buy to keep that valve open while I pumped it up?
Just trying to fix something that’s not completely broken, instead of going out and buying something brand new that I won’t be as happy with.
Thanks, Pete 
Hi Pete,

My apologies. I have no answer to your question.
As someone who has been in the retail mattress business for 45 years, I’ve never considered air and water beds to be mattresses.
Neither provides proper spinal support. (Displacement is not support).
As the son of a man with 2 engineering degrees, I’m up for whatever works.
I imagine, (relying on imagination, as I have not seen your products), that you would need a rubber bushing at the end of your bike pump, to create a seal.

Also, you might check in with the Sleep Number Bed people, who are still making air mattresses, to see if their pump system might fit your chambers.

Thanks, Pete
Thank you sir, 
That is good insight regarding the Sleep Number bed folks.

I am an engineer as well. And yes, I am thinking I might try to return to conventional mattresses.
However, right now I was hoping to repair the situation I have, while I am shopping for the new mattress.
I am getting sick of sleeping in my recliner!
Thanks again, Pete
Hi Pete,

Dad was always fixing things, rather than buying new.
He believed in quality, but not in extravagance.
We used to tease him, saying that he could squeeze the buffalo off of a nickel.
So, let me appeal to the engineer in you.
There is one product, heads and shoulders above all others, that you need to avoid in order to make a successful purchase. Memory Foam.
All of the name brands have been sold to investors, who are now using memory foam to recoup their investment and turn a profit.
Memory foam is specially designed to cause a mattress to need frequent replacing.
It’s all about profit, and not at all about quality.
I remember seeing the first commercials for Tempurpedic on QVC and HSN.
A hand was pressed into the memory foam, and then removed.
A hand print remained in the foam.
I looked at my dad and asked, “Who, in their right mind, would think that’s a good idea?”.
Well, there are very few people with an engineering background, out there.
They did a good job of selling that garbage…making it sound like the best thing since sliced bread. Not only is it a lousy product, in terms of performance, it’s also a heath hazard…off gassing the toxic chemicals from which it’s made.
Formaldehyde and Benzene are but 2 of the 61 different chemicals used to make it.
There is soy based memory foam out there…not widely used.
And while it won’t make you sick, it still performs poorly.
The major hotels complained bitterly…having so many mattresses to replace so frequently. So, Simmons and Sealy don’t use memory foam in the mattresses they make for hotels.
From the early 70s until several years ago, polyurethane foam was the primary upholstery material. It was inexpensive and worked well.
However, latex foam rubber has been the best for the last 100 years.
It wasn’t widely used, as it was very expensive to make.
Today, latex has made a comeback…as a high quality alternative to the poor quality memory foam, that is so pervasive in this industry.
Going from an air mattress, an individually pocketed coil unit will provide the upward, contouring support your spine needs to maintain its natural alignment.
The mattress I’m recommending is the best for the least amount of money.
Using a pocketed coil where the steel is double tempered and the upholstery is latex, this mattress provides excellent support, comfort and longevity.
That mattress is the Wolf Adara…shown here:

FedEx shipping is free and there’s no sales tax.

Wolf is the oldest mattress manufacturer in the country, that has been continually owned and operated by the same family…The Wolf Family, since 1873.

Keeping your mattress clean and dry will increase longevity.
Use our Organic Cotton Waterproof Mattress Protector. 

Thanks, Pete

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