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Help! Several Mattresses in Several Years.

Paul writes:
Hi Pete, 
Please help us.

First, My wife and I are active and fit. Winter sports and summer sports. 
I’m 52 and get hip and lower back strain and pain. My wife likes the mattress to have a soft feel. 
In the past several years we’ve had several mattresses. 
Kingsdown (computer bed) (1 week), kingsdown pillowtop (1week), Chatham & Wells Adrianna a couple years 
(back pain). Tempurpedic allure.(3 weeks) Tempurpedic, (1.5 years) constant back pain.
At this point I feel my educated guess is better than listening to my friend at the store. 
I’m sure I need firm, just don’t know how firm. 
My wife and I preferred the S&F feel over the beautyrest and sealy pp and sleeping beauty. 
I’ve bought many beds other than these, too. 
Actually, when renovating a ski home, I slept on a $99 BJ,s bed with a latex topper and it was great.
Please help me make the right choice this time.
Thanks, Paul
Hi Paul,
Yours, is a classic example of what you’ll experience when buying mattress today, in today’s mattress stores.
First, the stores are staffed with affable people. In this case, someone who you have come to regard as “a friend”.
Second, the stores are filled with junkie mattresses, made by name brand manufacturers who have, quite frankly, betrayed the consumer’s trust….trading on the reputations they had built over the decades, but who are now making and selling mattresses that aren’t worth a damn.
And that high tech computerized bed, that leads you to believe that you’ll get exactly what you need…what a total crock that is!!!
At this point, you may find my manner of speech to be less than appealing. It’s to make a point.
At the store, you were “schmoozed”…an old salesman’s term that, in short, means BSed.
You came to me for help. I’m assuming that you’ve had enough BS…as should be the case..
Learn from your personal experience. You slept on a cheap mattress that had a latex topper, which you liked.
It wasn’t the cheap mattress that felt great. It was the latex topper.
The mattresses that you’ve had zero luck with, are filled with memory foam…the primary weapon in the industry’s arsenal used to make the sale.
From it’s introduction 20 years ago, memory foam has proven itself to be the absolute worst material ever invented for use in a mattress. Not only is it a lousy product that is purposefully designed to fail quickly, it’s also a health hazard and should be banned altogether.
It off gasses the toxic chemicals from which it’s made and the negative side effects are varied…ranging from headaches, to burning eyes, to bleeding sinuses.
Besides what it does to your brain from breathing in the formaldehyde and benzene fumes, it attacks your respiratory system.
And, we haven’t even touched on the “sleeping hot” issue that memory foam causes.
Latex, on the other hand, is natural and has been the best upholstery material on the planet for the last 100 years.
Why buy poor quality chemical laden memory foam when you can buy high quality natural latex?!
First things first, Paul.
First, you have to understand that today’s mattress industry, (the name brands in particular), are not the products to buy if you want a good night’s sleep.
You need to understand that alternative, higher quality, products are what to look for…with NO Memory Foam.
Nothing has come along to rival latex.
You have to understand that going to a store to try out mattresses is fruitless….and exercise in futility…as you have experienced.
Sure, it’s easy to find a mattress that is comfortable.
But, not so easy to find one that will remain comfortable beyond a very short time.
You have to understand that the comfort guarantees offered by stores is nothing but a scam, designed to suck you in.
It ties you to them and limits your choices to the junk mattresses they offer.
You have to understand that none of the manufacturers participate in the comfort exchanges.
That which you return, cannot be sent back to the factory for credit.
This means that when you buy from a store that offers a comfort exchange, you can easily end up with something that someone else had returned. Hence the term, “Restocking Fee”?!
The comfort guarantee is a bad deal for the consumer.
Besides all the reason just mentioned, it relieves you from doing your due diligence and knowing what it is you’re buying before you buy it….a recipe for one disastrous mistake after another…as is evidenced by your experience.
What a body requires is reasonably firm support for your skeletal system and a reasonably comfortable sleeping surface to cushion pressure points at the joints and to relax muscles.
This combination provides the best night’s sleep.
What’s more, the materials used to make such a mattress needs to be of quality…so that the mattress will continue to provide you with a good night’s sleep…night after night and year after year.
I assume that you, like the rest of us, would like to get your money’s worth from your purchase.
Memory foam and pillow tops are designed to “make the sale”, and are all but worthless in a very short time.
Have a look around our website. You’ll find many alternatives to what the name brands offer.
I suggest the Wolf Adara mattress for excellent value.
Double tempered steel, individually pocketed coils that maintains the natural alignment of your spine, which is the best type of support for relieving back pain.
Proper support, durable comfort and longevity make this mattress your best buy.
Shown here:
Shipping is free and there’s no sales tax.
Keeping your mattress clean and dry will increase longevity.
Use our Organic Cotton Waterproof Mattress Protector. 

Thanks, Pete

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