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Simmons Beautyrest Legend Mattresses.

Greg writes:
Hi Pete,  

I really liked the Simmons Beautyrest Legend mattresses. 
I’m not sure if i need the plush or the firm. Both feel comfortable. 
We are, each, about 150 pounds, about 5’7″. 
Each of us usually sleep on our stomachs or sides. 
Please advise, Greg
Hi Greg,
The Legend is grossly overpriced…as it is an exclusive for that store.
Compare the price of the Legend to the Simmons Beautyrest Platinum Series.
They are, basically, the same…without all the useless bells and whistles of the Legend.
Shown here:
All Simmons Beautyrest mattresses are upholstered with memory foam.
The memory foam, they use, is plant based.
Being plant based, it isn’t toxic, as is chemical based memory foam.
However, it doesn’t wear any better than other memory foams, so you’ll need a latex topper to prevent the premature wear, for which memory foam is infamous.
Get the mattress in “Luxury Firm” and add a Pure Bliss Plush Natural Talalay Latex topper.
2″ is enough to insulate you from the memory foam and greatly extend the life of the mattress.
The 3″ is more comfortable and the most popular choice…something we use at home.
Shown here:

The mattress comes with white glove delivery, which includes setup and removal of your old mattress.

The latex topper arrives via UPS.
The prices, shown, are complete…including delivery and tax.

Keeping your mattress clean and dry will increase longevity.
Use our Organic Cotton Waterproof Mattress Protector. 
Thanks, Pete

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